Fake Ksenia Sobchak: Putin is the only European leader to visit a hospital with infected COVID-19

Ksenia Sobchak, the host of the Dok-Tok Channel One program, began the release on the COVID-19 pandemic, as follows:

“The whole world is now watching only one story: how the coronavirus pandemic is unfolding. Our president is the only European leader to visit a clinic where people with suspected coronavirus are located. Today he visited a hospital in Kommunarka. ”

On February 27, French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Drink-Salpetrier Hospital in Paris, where a 60-year-old patient who had become the second victim of coronavirus in France died shortly before. The president met with doctors and other hospital staff.

During the meeting between the president and the doctors, there was an unplanned conversation about financing health care, which doctors consider insufficient. The French media were mainly interested in precisely this conversation and the president’s words about the impending inevitable epidemic.

On March 1, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived at the Royal Free Hospital in the Hampstead district of London to thank doctors for their efforts in fighting the epidemic. Johnson visited a specialized department of the highest level of isolation.

The British media did not arrange a show from the Prime Minister’s visit to the hospital. There were no television crews with him.   The visit report was posted only on the hospital’s website and on the local Hampstead portal. Journalists were really only interested in one phrase uttered by Johnson at a press conference where he mentioned his recent visit to the hospital: the Prime Minister said that he did not refuse to shake hands and in the hospital shook hands with everyone, including patients with suspected COVID-19. He believed that washing his hands quite often was enough to protect against the virus.

However, he later changed his mind and urged the British not to leave home unless absolutely necessary.3.9kRepostsfacebook sharing button 2.5k

Yuri Bershidsky


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  1. I thought the vatniki line was that there is no chicom virus in fantasyland.

    Then shorty was immune.

    Now he’s the only one who’s been visiting.

    • Yeah, according to Kiselyov, Russian scientists have been the first to map the coronavirus genome. I’m sure this will turn out to be as true as the Russian claim of finding an Ebola vaccine.

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