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      • Excellent article Mike, thank you! It is nice to see an article packed with facts so that people can make their own conclusions. It’s always good to hold politicians to their words and actions. Then you have others that reject this article simply because it doesn’t fit their biased narratives. They are just as bad as the fake news media that is openly ROOTING for the virus for political reasons. Sickening.

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        • Never mind. The article is about BRICS and how China and Russia got desperate about Brazil and India turning to the US and achieving huge economic growth and cooperation, and that China and Russia spread this Corona in the West in revenge.

          • I said from the beginning that Russia will be involved in this, but at the end of the day, the West will return to normal. Can’t say the same about the two shithole countries.

  1. There are numerous conspiracy theories roaming the net and social media. To make it short, I firmly believe that no one will ever know the whole truth about this virus. And, even if the truth were to be told how can you tell that it is the truth?

  2. This article is garbage.
    It is all Trump propaganda and is like a Fox News article on steroids.

    • So now you’re whining that it sounds like the #1 news channel in America? If it is propaganda, like you claim, can you give a couple of examples? No, because it’s not propaganda. Some Leftists just can’t handle the truth because it doesn’t fit their bias. This is how people become Useful Idiots….

      • The fact that is the channel with the largest audience, is rather alarming than a proof of its quality. You are only watching Fox News, which also shows by you sharing only Fox News articles. You can’t see through it, which I think is worrying.

        Here a have a masterpiece of what isn’t any worse than Russian propaganda. Thanks to Anne Applebaum for sharing.


        • Sharing only Fox News articles?
          You haven’t been paying attention and apparently you don’t understand markets if you don’t think there is quality associated with being #1. You have time to learn now :))

              • You asked me for examples, I gave unedited ones straight from Fox News.

                You call me immature, while it is you playing on the person because you cannot win an argument.

                You even blatantly lie by calling it “memes from the left”, while it is just Fox News. That is the same RT does: when the truth does not fit them, they just disregard the truth and replace it by something that fits their narrative.

                Fox News does the same thing as you and RT: they know Trump is responsible for the Corona policy. It doesn’t fit them that still people die, so let’s blame the Democrats and pretend it is a plot to impeach the president.

                Also: your are doing the exact thing as RT by blaming your opponent of what you did wrong yourself: you employed RT techniques, not me.

                • Nobody can handle Corona. Not the leaders, not the opposition, and not the critics. Everybody needs to take action from scratch, without having any certainty that the measures will work. It’s mostly learning by doing.

                  • They are angry and flailing while still trying to blame Trump for everything in sight. They should be putting politics aside and joining as humans to solve this WWIII. Nope, politics first and humanity second. Disgusting….

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