Zelensky: Default looming if Ukraine’s parliament fails to pass two “vital bills”

The president says this is now lawmakers’ responsibility. Zelensky says two bills need to be passed to secure support from donors /

Zelensky says two bills need to be passed to secure support from donors / Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says there is default looming if Ukraine’s parliament fails to pass two important bills.

“I would also like to speak about the special session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which is to take place tomorrow [March 30],” he said in a televised address on Sunday evening. “Our country has, in fact, found itself at a crossroads due to coronavirus, and has two paths.

The first one is the adoption of two vital [draft] laws. After that, we will receive support from our international financial partners in the amount of at least US$10 billion. This is needed to stabilize the country’s economy and overcome the crisis.”

“Otherwise, there is the second path: a failure of these laws leading to the economic downturn and even the threat of default,” he said. According to him, the Office of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers have done their utmost in the past weeks.

“And we did that – we agreed on financial support for Ukraine. We and the government have chosen our path. Now it is your turn, dear MPs. Tomorrow, the responsibility is yours,” he said.

“Tomorrow, the people of Ukraine will see clearly whether you are ready to defend their interests. And though tomorrow you all will be wearing masks, it will become clear to people who is who.

Society will see whether you are servants of the people or servants of others’ interests. Be aware of your responsibility. See implications for each of you. Choose the right path tomorrow.

You have been chosen by the people of Ukraine. Now it is your turn to choose the people of Ukraine,” he said.

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  1. Member of Parliament from the European Solidarity parliamentary faction Iryna Gerashchenko has announced the resignation of Health Minister Illia Yemets and Finance Minister Ihor Umansky. “[Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky’s second government has set a minister reshuffle speed record. The ministers of finance and health have worked for a month and have already resigned amid the coronavirus [crisis],” she said on Facebook on Sunday evening.


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