Sweden remains open as other countries lock down over coronavirus

Sweden continues a more normal pace of life while other countries take extreme measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Sweden, a nation of 10 million people, has confirmed a total of 3,447 cases and 105 deaths. Swedish authorities have advised the public to practice social distancing and to work from home if possible, as well as urge those over 70 to self-isolate.

However, Sweden has taken less restrictive precautions otherwise.

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, believes other nations have taken overly “drastic” measures, such as closing schools or limiting gatherings to 10 people.

In contrast, Swedish nightclubs and outdoor cafes remain open.  The country has limited public gatherings to 50 people,  a more modest restriction that takes effect Sunday.

Officials have said keeping people physically and mentally healthy is another reason they’re keen to avoid rules that would keep people indoors for too long.

“The goal is to slow down the amount of new people getting infected so that health care gets a reasonable chance to take care of them. And that’s what we all do in every country in Europe,” Tegnell said.

He argues that Sweden’s less restrictive policies are more sustainable and effective, even if they are an “anomaly” during the pandemic.

People sit in a bar in Stockholm, Sweden, Wednesday, March 25, 2020. The streets of Stockholm are quiet but not deserted. People still sit at outdoor cafes in the center of Sweden’s capital. Vendors still sell flowers. Teenagers still chat in groups in parks. Some still greet each other with hugs and handshakes. After a long, dark Scandinavian winter, the coronavirus pandemic is not keeping Swedes at home even while citizens in many parts of the world are sheltering in place and won’t find shops or restaurants open on the few occasions they are permitted to venture out.

In contrast to multi-generational homes common in Mediterranean countries, more than half of Swedish households are made up of one person, which limits the risk of spread.

“We who are adults need to be exactly that: adults. Not spread panic or rumors,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in a televised address to the nation last weekend. “No one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility.”

A nationwide survey by Novus, a major polling company, found that a majority of Swedes watched and approved of the prime minister’s speech.

“Nobody really knows what [measures] will be most effective,” said Dr. Emma Frans, a medical epidemiology researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. “I’m quite glad that I’m not the one making these decisions.”

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  1. Sweden has a lot more dead than their neighbors Norway and Finland so I hope they know what they’re doing. I did not know that more than half Swedish residences have only 1 person. I suppose the other half are brimming with immigrants like Knut but have better tans than Knut….

  2. China is to blame for this crisis. It practices disgusting hygiene, its communist regime is evil and it comes out with nothing but lies, hate and propaganda, just like all dictatorships. It is part of an axis of evil that includes Russia and Russia’s lackey; Iran. It was a terrible mistake to integrate it into the global economy, (we can blame Nixon for that). There needs to be a global consensus to force them to pay out $trillions proportionally to those affected.
    Chicoms are degenerates: there are pics available today that show that their unspeakably foul ‘wet markets’ are back in action. There was even a cage of domestic cats for sale that unbelievably those diabolical bastards like to eat. They need to be completely cut off from the world until they learn to be civilised.
    As for Sweden, are they going with the ‘herd immunity’ scenario? If so, it’s very risky.
    What other alternatives are there, apart from the ruinous lockdown policy?
    Would it perhaps be worth investing $billions in unique, specially designed hazmat suits that enable everyone to get back to work? Better than loosing $trillions in an extended lockdown I would have thought?

    • There are more and more reports that people who had the China Pest and were cured, got it again and got sick again, just weeks later. Forget about immunity. Better to develop medication which prevents infected people from dying until the virus is gone. Then again, with the chinese commies lying about new infections while reopening Wuhan, the chance of a global disaster of biblical dimensions is very high.

            • Me and Suza just followed you on Twitter. Looks good. Let’s hope my articles will also get transferred to Twitter.

              • All of them should, try it out.
                Ahh, Veth just posted an article and I had to manually forward it to Twitter. I don’t understand it, I linked the accounts via the app. Oh well, more technical work to be done. Also, the same affect on Twitter as WordPress when there’s no Feature Image.

                    • Not sure it will work, since RedMaidan needs to manually forward WP articles. And if you retweet on your own Twitter account, the retweet will not show on UAToday on Twitter. Also why would i comment twice (WP+Twitter) on the same article. I am active on Twitter in general, not only concerning Ukraine, and my profile contains a link to our WP site. I think that’s the way to go. RedMaidan should be on Twitter as himself, adding to this site, instead of reposting WP articles. My opinion.

  3. I doubt that the Swedish government knows what it’s doing. It’s insane immigrant policies leave room for doubt that they have sufficient brains. At least, they don’t seem to give a shitt for the average Swedish man or woman.

    • Very, very interesting. Thanks Mike. It looks more clearly now that this pandemic was either caused by manipulating the virus or simply the unnatural eating/medicinal habits of the Chinese. Can we just finally agree to leave the fucking bats alone?

      • That german state finance minister who jumped onto the railtracks surely knew more than we all know. I hope this horror will soon be over, but most measures are still too soft to destroy such a weapons grade virus. Public transport should be suspended worldwide for 30 days. Better a quick bitter ending than no end at all.

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