Kremlin: wealthy Russians have been deceived in the West

Wealthy Russians have long been deceived in Western countries for their own money, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page.

“You’ve been fooled for years for your own money. You’ve been fooled and paid with gold for ruin, for the illusion,” she said.

According to her, “very rich” Russians informed her about the medical collapse in London amid the situation with coronavirus and asked for help with returning to Russia. In this regard, the representative of the Foreign Ministry criticized the citizens of Russia, who for many years invested money and built business abroad, and now during the pandemic are forced or want to return to their homeland. She asked such Russians to start with showing “respect” for Russia.

She said on March 27 that by the end of the month the Foreign Ministry will make an accurate list of Russians who need help with their return and will hand over the list to the relevant companies. The Ministry will send the list to the Russian Ministry of Transport, Rospotrebnadzor (The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection), the Ministry of Health, the Interior Ministry and Aeroflot.

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  1. I imagine this list will be a very small one Maria, using coronavirus to get rich Russians to return to mafia land will not work.

    • Yeah, that’s a tough sell for the Bike. First she has to convince Russians that the healthcare system is better in Moskovia…yeah right. Secondly she has to convince Russians that living abroad and making money is worse than staying inside Moskovia and letting Kremlinals steal from you. I would be shocked if she didn’t have a stash in another country too.

      • If the UK health care system is collapsing, god knows how she would describe the Muscovy health system? 45% no heating or hot water, 25% no toilets either. My advice, don’t get ill in Muscovy.

        • And even worse now that the mini mouse king is hoarding all the hazmat suits….
          By the way, if Putin thinks he’s a God and makes his subjects kiss photos of him, why would he need protection from the virus?

  2. “Wealthy Russians have long been deceived in Western countries for their own money…”
    Let’s hope that this is true.
    Well, first they steal the money from the Ruskie people and then they get it stolen by Westerners. That’s just poetic justice.

    “She asked such Russians to start with showing “respect” for Russia.”
    Such Ruskies know better than most that Russia is a crime syndicate. Who has respect for a crime syndicate?

  3. The vatniki bullshit factory is really grasping at straws with this one, not even a hardcore vatniki would believe it. Fuck knows how the stupid whore expects anyone in the West to believe it, does she think we actually believe everything we are fed just like the vatniki sheep do.
    If the ‘very rich’ wanted to return to the swamp they would charter a plane, not beg the fucking whore to send help, stupid cunt.

    The ‘medical collapse’ in London is a figment of her imagination or is yet another pathetic attempt by the bullshit factory to attack a far better system, it might work and fool your average vatniki but anyone with half a brain knows its a lie and even a complete moron can soon find out the truth.

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