Italy may exit EU due to delay in assistance against coronavirus

Leader of Italian political party ‘League’, former vice-premier of Italy called EU ‘den of snakes and jackals’

The leader of the Italian political party League, former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, announced the possible withdrawal of his country from the European Union due to the delay in helping to overcome the coronavirus epidemic, as Affar Italiani reports.

“This is crazy. Europe needs another fifteen days to decide what to do, whether to help, whom and how. In the midst of an emergency when people die, now from pneumonia, tomorrow, possibly from poverty,” – the politician said.

Commenting on the confrontation in the EU over assistance in the fight against coronavirus, as well as the refusal of Germany and the countries of Northern Europe in response to the request of Italy, Salvini did not exclude the possibility of his country leaving the European Union and the eurozone.

“This is a den of snakes and jackals. First we defeat the virus, then remember Europe. And, if necessary, we say goodbye. Without even thanking,” – the former Minister of Internal Affairs noted.

As we reported, about 80% of the humanitarian aid supplied by Russia to Italy for the fight against coronavirus is useless and has military and political components

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  • “Leader of Italian political party ‘League’, former vice-premier of Italy called EU ‘den of snakes and jackals’

    Maybe, but compared to Muscovy, they are nothing but spring lambs. The next time Italy’s economy needs bailing out, go to your Kremlin friends with cap in hand, then you will see who your friends are. Instead of whining like a baby, how about Italy start helping themselves. Don’t forget, 80% of nothing, is still nothing.

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  • No news could be better than that of Italy leaving the EU. This would effectively end the EU as a political entity. Europe should go back to being an EEC, keeping only the EU’s most essential and needful parts.

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    • Prince William of Orange

      “Go back to the EEC”, is something most populist politicians say. It is basically the same as the EU, which is still an organisation that for 95% is about organising free trade within the EU countries and countries like Norway, by setting product standards to enable fair competition.

      The EEC was not so much different than the EU, as they were also making laws that all countries need to comply in regard to trade. It was only much less democratic and the financial sector legislation was less developed.

      We can rename the organization, but I think it doesn’t do much more than the most essential things. I mean, you could remove education programs or development projects in Eastern Europe, but these are not the most troublesome.

      I think management of borders, monetary policy and supervision on banks are, but borders were already at the heart of the EEC, while finance and banking were only small sectors in the ’80s, but are now about as important as agriculture and industry. If there is no EU supervision on banks, you can brace yourself for another 2008 style crisis, as Western European banks have invested billions in Italian banks and the other way around. If 1 European country says: “too hell with capital reserves rules ” for banks, the entire banking system could collapse.

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    • Yes the EU is an empire of shit. But there are worse things. Italy has been strongly pro-Russia since at least the time of Berlusconi. Now it has a shitty crypto-fascist govt it is even more so. If it leaves, you could end up with a new ex-EU member bloc consisting of Orbanistan, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain; all willing to be putlerstan satellites. The Franco-German axis has always been far more friendly to Russia than it is to America and Britain, so the situation would be even worse than it is now.
      The solution is for a new trade/security bloc consisting of the Five Eyes, plus South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Pribaltika and Georgia. Other like minded nations could apply if they wished.

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  • Just another Putin shille shooting off his fool mouth.
    Because his paymasters in the Kremlin and at RT ordered him.
    If the Italians think they will have it better without the 10+ trillion EU economy backing them up they are mentally defective.

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    • Prince William of Orange

      I agree. They can flirt with Russia, but they are broke themselves. What do they expect? I think they consider the EU as their cashcow, and this should stop.

      Unfortunately Italy is too big to fail, as it is still one of Europe’s major economies. If Italy goes bankrupt, which I think is almost a certainty if there is no rescue plan, Europe has a huge problem. And it doesn’t matter if you are in or out of the EU: banks are interdependent, so also the UK is fucked if they fail.

      There is also a territory some refer to as Belgium, which is also on the brink of default. But no one talks about that. I think once again, the shit will hit the fan. I am not decided yet on what should happen, but I think it could be time that we finally stop supporting the house of cards called Italy. A default would be a disaster, but the Southern European countries will never learn to get their shit together if we keep them alive with our money or a ridiculously low interest rate.

      Our pension fund is slowly vanishing, as it cannot grow with these low interest rates.

      If we will save their asses, I hope they won’t give them money without assurances. I think, like the IMF in Ukraine, the EU should provide them with a reform plan. They could only get tranches of the money, once certain reforms have been implemented. If they fail, no money and thus a default.

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    • Right again Murf. This “Italexit” has been all over Kremlin media. They would never let a crisis go by without trying to take advantage of it.

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