Over 1,000 people end up in Crimea’s hospitals with pneumonia

The local pro-Kremlin “authorities” claim it’s a huge number for the peninsula

More than a thousand people in Russian-occupied Crimea were taken to hospitals, diagnosed with pneumonia. Igor Chemodanov, the “Heathcare Minister” of the annexed peninsula said so as quoted by Krym.Realii.

“We’ve got 1,447 people taken to a hospital with ARVI symptoms, 1,039 of them with pneumonia”, Chemodanov said during the session of the operatie staff that works to combat the spread of Chinese coronavirus.

The local pro-Kremlin “authorities” claim it’s a huge number for the peninsula.

1,500 people are now under medics’ surveillance in Crimea. There are seven officially confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the peninsula. 

The overall amount of people who got infected with Chinese coronavirus in Ukraine increased to 196. All cases are lab-confirmed. The Healthcare Ministry reported that on late March 26. 

As of 10 p.m. March 26, five of the mentioned 196 patients passed away; one recovered. All in all, the number of infected people grew by 40 over just one day.

Previously, Chernivtsi regional state administration claiemd that three people recovered from Covid-19; however, the Healthcare Ministry did not confirm these cases.

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  • I remember a few weeks back, Putin claiming no coronavirus cases in Muscovy, yet the official figures for pneumonia had jumped by 37% from the previous year. Coincidence?

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    • If you call it pneumonia and not Covid-19 all feels much better. It reminds me of my son when he covered his eyes and believed that we couldn’t see him 🙂

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