Human Rights Defender: “Aksyonov should be punished for this statement”

Evaluating the statement made by Aksyonov, Crimean Human Rights Group President Olga Skripnik said that Aksyonov should punish for this statement.

Speaking at the meeting on the coronavirus outbreak situation in the Crimean peninsula, the so-called President of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, suggested the occupying forces beat the Crimeans, who concealed information about their recent travels abroad.

Asserting that Aksyonov has invited the so-called “police officers” to commit crimes with this statement, Olga Skripnik noted, “Russia implements its laws in Crimea. Therefore, a case can be opened by paragraph 2 of article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code (provoking hatred or hostility using its official position, humiliating human dignity). However, such rules are using discriminatingly in Crimea. As it is seen from the monitoring results we prepared, opposition activists are being prosecuted under this article. However, the statements of the invading officials, which provoked hostility towards the Crimean Tatars and Muslims, are ignored.”

Coronavirus measure: “Beat the Crimeans who hide their travels abroad”

(c) QHA


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