The DOJ received summonses for Dubinsky and “1 + 1” from the US court

On March 23, 2020, the Department of Justice of Ukraine received two warrants from the US District Court for the Southern District of New York to deliver a summons and a copy of the lawsuit to People’s Deputy Alexander Dubinsky and a representative of LLC Studio 1 + 1. The agency informed the Media Detector in response to a request.

On March 19, a former MP, a lawyer, Gennady Moskal , who advises Ukrainian-American businessman  Alex Routh, also wrote about it on Facebook  . According to him, the summonses were addressed to Alexander Dubinsky , the final beneficiary of the TV channel 1 + 1 Igor Kolomoisky and the authors of the Money program.

“The subpoenas contain a notice of action against the persons to whom the documents are addressed to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and the need for a 21-day period from the date of receipt of the subpoena and a copy of the suit to the claimant and the court. If the court fails to respond, a default judgment will be made against the aforementioned persons , ”the Ministry of Justice reported.

The ministry specified that within 14 days they should entrust the delivery of these documents to the appropriate interregional department of the Ministry of Justice. This management must send these orders to the court at the place of residence of the individual or at the location of the legal entity within 14 calendar days. It also sets a time limit for its implementation.

“The court of Ukraine summons a person for whom procedural steps need to be taken and proposes to obtain court documents. The person who received the documents, puts his signature on the acknowledgment of delivery of the document », – explained in the Ministry of Justice.

Upon receipt of the summons, the Department will send to the US court documents on the execution of the order.

Photo by Gennady Moskal / Facebook 
Photo: Ministry of Justice’s response to Media Detector’s request

It should be reminded that on February 6, 2020, it became known that Ukrainian-American businessman Alex Routh  sued Alexander Dubinsky  for his Facebook post, video blog “Dubinisms” on “1 + 1”, and a plot in “Money” on “1 +1 ».

In a letter from People’s Deputy of Dubinsky on January 30, it states that US businessmen Alex Routh and Imre Pak are involved in corruption schemes against the Odessa port plant. On February 3, in the Money program on the channel 1 + 1, a story appeared that Alex Rovt’s people were allegedly going to pay $ 5 million for the position of director of the Odessa port plant. A similar story appeared in the blog “Dubinizmy”, which comes out on “1 + 1”.On February 26, it became known that the US Federal Court had considered a lawsuit filed by Ukrainian-American businessman Alex Rovt for MP Alexander Dubinsky.


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