La Stampa: 80% of humanitarian aid from Russia for Italy was useless

About 80% of the humanitarian aid that Russia sent to Italy to fight the coronavirus turned out to be ” absolutely useless or of little use,” the La Stampa newspaper writes, citing sources.

The publication notes that Russian assistance consisted of equipment for the disinfection of territories and other special equipment of this type, while, for example, China sent mainly medical masks and mechanical ventilation devices to Italy.

According to the publication, having supported Italy, Moscow pursues its political and diplomatic interests, and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte agreed to accept it in order to “ strengthen personal relations” with Moscow.

The newspaper draws attention to the fact that all Russian specialists are military men with high army ranks, not doctors.

“The Russian military moves freely throughout Italy, a few steps from NATO bases,” La Stampa emphasizes.

In Italy, more than 74 thousand people became infected with the coronavirus, more than 7,500 died.

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  • This is one story that won’t appear in RT. Very embarrassing to see your propaganda stunt exposed by one of Italy’s oldest publications, and exposing the real reason behind this stunt, to give Russian military an excuse to be in the country. Looks like Italy need to be added to the list of undesireables in NATO, along with Turkey.

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  • Well, well, well, you don’t fucking say! Whoda thought it? As previously stated, Italy’s fascist-leaning govt is only the latest of many putler-groveler regimes and sadly a lot (not all thank God) of Eyties admire the shitweasel.
    Putler pretends to reward his lackey by sending a load of junk just so he can get some Trojan horse spies in there.
    I have no respect for Italy at all, but of course every sympathy for the many innocent victims of the chicom bat virus.
    The conspiracy of silence in mainstream media continues: in today’s mass circulation daily mail, the headline is about ‘patient zero’; a guy who went skiing in Austria in January and came back and infected his family and started the plague in Britain single-handedly.
    What a fucking whitewash! The article fails to mention the thousands of chicoms who flew into London on direct flights from Wuhan right through from December to late February. Unbefuckinglievable!

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