Twitter has blocked all official InformNapalm accounts and journalist Roman Burke

InformNapalm suggests that the blocking is the result of a massive attack by the Russian Federation.

For the first time in six years, Twitter has blocked all official accounts of the international volunteer intelligence community InformNapalm, which deals with OSINT investigations. Also, without any explanation, the social network blocked the personal account of the founder and editor-in-chief of Roman Burk’s site . This was reported on March 24 on the community website.

“The simultaneous blocking took place a few hours after the last tweet was circulated with important facts of exposing the presence of modern Russian military equipment in the Donbass. These facts contained comprehensive data with geolocation, aerial photographs and identification of Russian military equipment in the Luhansk region », – the message reads.

In addition, InformNapalm representatives recorded ” strange internal system messages ” on Facebook, which contained information about possible blocking of community posts.

” It is like a failure of social networking automation, which could have been provoked by false reports by Russian trolls. We also see that Russian troll factories have adapted to using account-locking mechanisms in an international fight against the spread of fakes against COVID-19. And they use these mechanisms to block anyone who reveals the truth about Russian military aggression , ”the message said.

We will remind, the Federal service of the Russian Federation on supervision in sphere of mass communications and communication (Roskomnadzor) from the end of July 2019 restricted access to the site of the international volunteer intelligence community InformNapalm , which is engaged in OSINT-investigations.



  • WTF Twitter, you another Russian run organisation that is hiding the truth? Get your fingers out of your ass, and unblock this account.

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    • Something is wrong with Twitter. I think there is no single filter but a multiple filter. I reported a guy for posting fake news and Nazi symbols. Later i got an e@mail saying that they could not detect any violation of terms. When i woke up next day i got a message from Twitter (not e@mail) from the administration saying that the relevant account was blocked for a violation of terms. Seems not only Twitter, but certain government agencies from each country also have their fingers in this. In my case the US (Twitter hq) were stronger than (possibly) the german government which may have sent me the e@mail. Not sure if sometimes a government agency, like from Russia, can override the Twitter hq?…

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  • The people that run Twitter must be a bunch of putinoid cunts. What other possible explanation could there be? Kremtrolls hacked in? I somehow doubt it.

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