Russian Army sending hard-hit Italy coronavirus aid after Putin phone call

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his nation’s army to deliver medical aid to Italy – the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic – after offering help during a Saturday phone call with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Preparations for the aid mission were underway Sunday at the Chkalovsky military airport in Moscow. Russia was loading nine colossal Il-76 cargo planes with eight mobile medical teams, medical equipment and aerosol disinfection trucks to send to Italy’s hardest-hit regions.

Russia will also send 100 military members who specialize in virology and epidemics, Reuters reported, citing the Interfax news agency.

A sign on a Russian military vehicle reads: “From Russia with love” in several languages. (Alexei Yereshko, Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

In photos released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, the doors of military trucks bore signs with heart-shaped Russian and Italian flags that read: “From Russia with love” in Russian, Italian and English.

Putin’s offer came on the same day Italy recorded its biggest spike in deaths from the COVID-19 virus of nearly 800, taking the death toll to 4,825 – the highest in the world – while the number of infections rose to 53,578. The exploding caseload has overwhelmed Italy’s doctors and nurses and left medical equipment in short supply.

Russia has so far reported very few confirmed coronavirus cases, noting just 306 infections and one death.

As the U.S. and Europe struggle to contain the virus, nations once viewed as rivals are stepping up in the global coronavirus response.

Last week, Chinese President XI Jinping pledged to help Italy, moving quickly to send experts and desperately needed medical equipment, including millions of masks.

China’s rush to aid struggling countries, including Pakistan, Serbia, Liberia, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic, is seen by many as the communist nation’s attempt to defuse criticism that it mishandled the viral outbreak when it began in Wuhan late last year.

The global pandemic has sickened at least 311,000 worldwide, killing 13,407 as of March 22.

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  • Sounds more like they are sending GRU than medical supplies. Just another example of Moskali propaganda with all the time they took to mark these supplies as friendly propaganda with Italy. And all the media invited to look but not inspect or verify the contents. Just like the dozens and dozens of “humanitarian convoys” sent illegally into Ukraine from the Putinazis.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    Jesus Christ, this is next level cocksucking. I mean, can you think of anything more cynical? They are shelling women and children and brave Ukrainian soldiers almost 24/7 a day, and have zero respect for human lived at all.

    And now they are pretending to be the good guys. They are letting their own population perish, even doctors cannot wash their hands because there is no water. They have nothing, no masks, barely any medicine, nor tests kits. And now they are even giving stuff away they lack themselves. Fucking bastards. To hell with Russia!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Italy has been giving ass to the Ruskie mobsters for years and now they believe that they will have even more reason to do so … even though the aid is of little to no value.
    And, the Ruskie sheep should see this as a slap in their faces.

    Liked by 3 people

  • Летающий Киви

    Perhaps they are feeling guilty after releasing the virus.

    Liked by 2 people

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