Russia hits new all-time record for capital outflow

In the week between March 12 and March 18, investors removed $1.4 billion from Russian assets. According to a review by the company BCS Global Markets, this represents the largest weekly capital outflow ever recorded from the country.

The previous week’s outflow rose to $590 million. Between March 12 and 18, the ruble also lost about eight percent of its value.



  • With the extremely low oil prices whittling away at the Russia’s capital reserves and the way mafia land is handling the corona problem, investors don’t see this country as a safe haven for their money. I wouldn’t either, even without these two newest and most significant issues.

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    • Looks like the China virus could finally be the crushing sanction we’ve been waiting for. Strange to be thankful for such a plague but it is what it is…
      Fuck Putin and his broken promises…everything is leaving his toilet and he should end up hanging from a rope this year.

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