Garry Kasparov

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In my latest CNN op-ed, I ask if progressives are willing to risk their entire agenda on Bernie. No matter how much you agree with him on issues, he is a deeply flawed messenger who would require a miracle to beat Trump in the general. It would also be a cruel twist to have a president who admires Russia’s current dictatorship facing someone who praised our old one. Talking about the health care and literacy in socialist dictatorships is like admiring how clean everything was on the Death Star in “Star Wars.” There is free health care in prison, but it’s still a prison. What value is literacy if you’re told what you can and cannot read? There are plenty of better examples for education & healthcare & social safety net. Why promote China, Cuba, and the USSR? You do not praise the commanders of a concentration camp if a prisoner sculpts a masterpiece from mud.

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  1. Mr. Kasparov, you would be far better off sticking to chess. You have no idea how the US works, and have bought the lies of the left about Trump towards Putin. Your article is a pathetic schemozzle of intentional ignorance.

    By the by, no moderate has dropped out of the Dimocrat race for the nomination. All of them are hard leftists and would be crushed by Trump. People in the US are tired of the left’s insanity, and Mr. Kasparov is utterly clueless on the issue. He’s still largely back in the USSR.

    • The left does not need to lie about Trump re putler. They lie about everything else though. But even those pricks could not make up a guy who during his election campaign surrounded himself with putinoid scum such as Manafort, Flynn and many, many others. He saw fit to take advice from known putlerite fifth columnists such as Alex Jones and Michael Savage. The latter being so close that he has travelled on Air Force One and stayed at Mar-A-Lago with the wives in tow.
      During his election campaign he was openly sympathetic to the invasion of Crimea and repeatedly praised the little kremlin shitweasel. He still does.
      Gary Kasparov was a close friend of Boris Nemtsov and is well qualified to speak about Russian matters. He was quite correct when he opined that Bolshevik Sanders was loyal to communist Russia and the shithole countries that still follow the Lenin business model, whereas Trump is equally enthusiastic about the current kremlin dictatorship, which has been fascist in all but name for 20 years.

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