German Investigative Journalist Speaks at ‘MH17 – Quest for Justice’ Symposium in Amsterdam

14:51 GMT 08.03.2020Get short URL

The Malaysian MH17 flight was shot down in eastern Ukraine in July 2014 while on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, claiming the lives of all 298 people on board.

The “MH17 – Quest for Justice’ symposium is taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, one day ahead of the MH17 trial.

Organised by De Andere Krant newspaper, the symposium brings together political and international relations experts and journalists who will discuss the issues regarding the investigation of the MH17 crash and the upcoming trial, which are often ignored by the mainstream media. 

The MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight was downed on 17 July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine in the height of a military conflict that broke out after the coup d`etat in the country earlier that year. All 283 passengers, mostly Dutch nationals, and 15 crew were killed. Shortly after the crash and even before an official investigation began, the US and many European countries said that Russia was responsible for the tragedy. 

Last year, the Dutch-led investigation team charged three Russians and a Ukrainian rebel commander with being responsible for delivering a Buk missile that was used to shoot the plane. Moscow repeatedly rejected such claims, saying that the missile belonged to Ukrainian forces.   

*Follow Sputnik’s live feed to find out more.

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  • The last line in the article, gives an almighty clue as to the type of BS you would hear from this gathering of retards. The event organised by a so called Dutch newspaper called De Andere Krant. This newspaper is so popular, it doesn’t even get a mention in Wiki. Here is their goal.

    “‘De Andere Krant’ (edition 50,000) disseminates alternative theories about Russia. Dutch media would report too negative about the country. The Russian state news agency TASS describes De Andere Krant as “the newspaper that tells about the real situation in Russia”.

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    • Russia: the only place on earth where “alternative theories” are “real”. Another reason vodka is so popular in Russia, because it is needed to understand these alternative theories…

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      • Sputnik streamed this event 3 hours ago, yet no information about the so called experts invited to speak. Not many people bothered to watch it either, according to FB stats, it only had a 1000 views. LMAO

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          • Looks like Russian BS is not popular in Holland either. After a little more digging, I found the usual suspects are involved. Michel Chossudovsky from Global research, Yana Yerlashova, RT slut, Peter Haisenko, German expert who says a Ukrainian plane shot down MH17. Lastly, a scumbag called Kees van der Pijl, who was booted out of Sussex University for antisemitism, and is also member of the Dutch communist party. What a motley crew to have defend Muscovy. LMAO

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            • Prince William of Orange

              Nope, it isn’t. When I saw their first ad, I immediately smelled Kremlin crap. I think most Dutch newspapers, except for AD and Telegraaf, are already of high quality and a newspaper that says to “write about the other side of the story”, is anything but necessary, except for the Kremlin.

              They were hiring people, that are even by Bert’s (great pal of me) standards, ultra-leftists folks, and also some alt-right figures I think. These were the type of leftists that would almost argue breathing is racist and would give an African war criminal a blow job because he is black so of course a victim.

              Fortunately it is not popular. However, it is mostly worrying because no one speaks against it. I think the pool of anti-West and conspiracy thinkers is growing, which Russia is exploiting. So far it is not dangerous, but that doesn’t say much about the future.

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            • Yep, all nazis when you take off their masks. Well done.

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    • Nobody have ever heard about this ‘newpaper’, me included!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Sorry, but there is no such thing. At least, not according to what the vast majority of real investigative journalists in real democracies would say.

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