Zelensky says new Cabinet independent of oligarchs, expects “certain steps” from NBU

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky emphasizes that Ukrainian oligarchs have no influence on the Ukrainian government.

“They own 70 -80% of the assets in this country. Each manager in Ukraine worked for one of them or is somehow related to one of them. And they hire the best – we need to understand this,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg Quint.

Zelensky explained the change of the Ukrainian government by the need for a reaction to the effectiveness of its work.

“When you make such profound changes in the country, you cannot fail. It is not about your personal ratings, not that you can be kicked out of power, but that Ukraine will never again have the opportunity to do this,” he indicated.

The agency notes that Zelensky takes responsibility for some key undertakings, in particular, the adoption of laws to repeal the ban on the sale of agricultural land and to protect the nationalization of Ukraine’s largest bank PrivatBank in 2016, which the IMF is seeking.

The report says Zelensky stands for the independence of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), but at the same time criticized it because the NBU supports the highest borrowing costs in the region.

“I don’t plan to change any person in the country who works honestly and efficiently. But we have agreed with the central bank on some things that they can do. If they give us this, it means that they are effective. I’m still waiting,” the president said in an interview.

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