Portnikov: Putin’s coalition now rules Ukraine

The Zelenskyy-Kolomoyskyi-Medvedchuk coalition confidently rules Ukraine with the tacit support of Akhmetov. It is a coalition of treason, Putin’s coalition.

Even before the beginning of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s term, I assumed that the Kremlin was preparing a “Moldavian scenario” for our country, when at first–under the pretext of fighting oligarchy and corruption–a coalition of pro-Western and pro-Russian forces is created, and then pro-Western forces are expelled from it and Putin’s supporters begin to rule alone. And they would rule with the support of the very same unprincipled corrupt government officials with whom they supposedly recently fought.

Only for the implementation of the “Moldovan scenario” in Ukraine, the kind of Western support enlisted by the Kremlin in Chisinau, was not even needed. In Kyiv, they did not need the West. On the contrary, the ambassadors of the G7 are trying to stop Ukraine from sliding into the Russian sphere of influence, but so far without much success.

The scenario was launched with the help of simple populist slogans that served to lure to vote for Zelenskyy and his party’s parliamentary candidates not only outright supporters of Ukraine’s surrender and rapprochement with Moscow, not only the indifferent and the ignorant, but also a unsophisticated fraction of Ukrainian patriots.

And then Zelenskyy and his party formed a coalition with the pro-Russian Oppositional Platform and its satellites in the parliament. Their joint vote for the resignation of the Attorney General, supported by Zelenskyy from Poltava, is a demonstration of this very coalition. The coalition of Zelenskyy with oligarchs Kolomoyskyi and Medvedchuk now confidently rules Ukraine with the tacit support of another oligarch Akhmetov. It is a coalition of betrayal, Putin’s coalition. We should not pretend that in 2019 Zelenskyy’s voters did not vote for this coalition.

They did vote for it. It’s just that someone did it with the sincere conviction that Russia should be in Ukraine, and someone because of stupidity and short-sightedness. Nobody has yet canceled out the “useful idiots” of the Kremlin. As a rule, it is precisely such “useful idiots” that destroy their own states. And a verdict to us as a people is not at all Zelenskyy. The verdict is the fact that such “useful idiots” were enough for a 73-percent vote for Zelenskyy, for their mono-majority in the parliament, and for the possibility of creating an alliance with pro-Russian forces.

And of course, the point of this is not the figure of the new attorney general, to whom there are many questions. As in Moldova, it was not at all the figure of the odious oligarch Plakhotniuk, to whom there are even more questions. The fact is that on the anniversary of the death of the Soviet emperor Joseph Stalin, they conducted a review of their forces in parliament and made sure: there are more of them. They have enough votes, even if the pro-Ukrainian part in the party of the president comes to their senses and understand what they have done in their stupidity, in their peasant’s conformity.

Now the coalition will begin to rule. And the the new prime minister’s statement about the possibility of supplying water to the occupied Crimea is not an accident, not an error, and not amateurism. This is what they really want. Only they are afraid to act yet.

They are afraid of resistance. But when they see that there is no resistance, they will begin to act. We should not pretend that such a parliament cannot elect Medvedchuk as its speaker, and Boyko as the prime minister. It can, if Zelenskyy orders it. And then Zelenskyy will urgently go on tour and Medvedchuk will become the country’s president. And he’ll do so without any elections. Why do we need elections if the people want peace with Russia and pensions? Medvedchuk will provide us with peace, pensions and Russia.

This is the Russian plan that can suit the Ukrainian oligarchs. Zelenskyy’s task is simply to clear the way for Medvedchuk. It is needed because Ukraine will not defeat Russia, but the oligarchs need to earn money. And how can they earn it if there is no stability and the damned West hangs over your head? But this way neither the West, nor the Russian threat, nor the crazy patriots with their irritating speeches and desire to resist are a problem any longer. This way there is no need to resist. You just need to relax and make money in the large slave market that they will have finally turned Ukraine into.

This, in fact, is what Ukrainians voted for in 2019. Dinner is served.

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  1. Great article, and many on here predicted this outcome long before Zelensky was elected. The fault with this capitulation, lies 100% with the Ukrainian public. Too many still live in the Soviet past, and expect the government to do everything for them. They are easily swayed by empty promises of increased pensions, cheap gas, and a life in paradise. The public need to get in the real world, and get off their fucking asses, if they want to return to the Soviet Union, go for it, then see where your complaining gets you, when Ukraine is turned into another Russian shithole.

  2. A tragic and terrible article by a knowledgeable, credible author. Once again, a naive electorate has been tricked by sophistication and sleight of hand. Just like the Yanuk/Manafort crime syndicate pulled off back in 2010. What will be the situation at the end of Zel’s term of office? Nothing good I fear. Yet another victory for the most evil fascist regime on earth.

    • Somehow I don’t see Zelensky lasting a full term. If he does capitulate to Putin, and the protestors take to the streets again, he won’t hang around too long. What is criminal about Ukraine, you have a guy like Medvedchuk under US sanctions, freely spouting his Russian BS in Ukraine, and getting away with it. When a country is at war, traitors are usually shot.

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