Sweden’s Foreign Minister on Russian aggression in Donbas: “Devastation and suffering”

Sweden’s OSCE chairpersonship is scheduled for 2021

Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Linde says that during her recent visit to Donbas, eastern Ukraine, she has seen “devastation and suffering” as a result of Russian aggression.

“At the bridge over the contact line at Stanytsia Luhanska in eastern Ukraine,” she said on Twitter on March 3. “The Russian aggression has caused tragic devastation & suffering. Still, the OSCE SMM Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine & humanitarian partners such the United Nations Office in Ukraine do an impressive work.”

She said she was highly motivated for Sweden’s OSCE chairpersonship 2021.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yehor Bozhok, in turn, wrote that he accompanied Linde on her trip to Donbas. “Visited Stanytsia Luhanska, witnessed results of Russia’s aggression, inspected security situation after disengagement, working check-point and restored bridge. Grateful to Swedish friends for support at SweMFA [Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affair],” he wrote on Twitter on the same day.

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  • Still, the OSCE SMM [Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine] & humanitarian partners such the United Nations Office in Ukraine do an impressive work.”

    What a load of crap. I will be impressed if you kick all Russians out of the OSCE next year. You admit it is Russia who are causing the devastation in Donbas, now back it up.

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  • I have no doubts about the devastation and suffering, though i haven’t been there my self, but this woman she doesn’t really care about ukrainian victims of Putins aggression. And she doesn’t care about the mislead and confused russian victims of Putins aggression either.

    It’s just about the power and nothing else, the man on the battlefield is just a tiny little brick in their sick and twisted game.

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