Putin says Trump confessed to him about huge military spending

Russian President Vladimir Putin said said that U.S. leader Donald Trump admitted that the US is spending too much on its military.

“Donald [Trump] told me they [the US] have a crazy [military] budget passed for next year, $738 billion, in my opinion,” Putin said in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS.

He added that the US president had ” said this with regret” and said “too much spending.” “I have to do it. He is generally a supporter of disarmament, as he says,” Putin concluded.

Earlier, U.S. Air Force General and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hyten said that the Pentagon is concerned that the U.S. Armed Forces may be falling behind Russia and China, and therefore called for increased pace of development of the army. By most parameters the U.S. army retains a confident leadership in the world, but there are also relatively weak points.

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    • This is nothing but fantasy and disinformation by the limping imp. Trump has been campaigning on increasing military spending and trying to rebuild it after years of Obama cuts. This leads me to believe there is a reason Putler wants to paint an alternate reality to Russians that Trump is being forced to build the US military and that he is more willing to be friendly towards Russia. Trump might sound friendly towards Russia in public but he’s fucking them with policies.
      He closed embassies and consulates to the point that Russians complain about no visas.
      He increased and extended sanctions.
      He barbecued Wagners in Syria.
      He pushed Putler out of military sales all over the world.
      He pushed Putler out of oil and gas sales all over the world.
      He pulled the plug on Nord Stream 2.
      He limited the scope of the US in Syria to protecting the oil field which pits Russia in direct conflict with Turkey.
      He sent some serious military hardware and training to Ukraine.
      He re-positioned US troops to the Baltics and Poland.
      He openly supports those opposing Putin in Lebanon, Syria and Venezuela.
      He started the Space Force which put the Kremlin in a tizzy.
      He backed out of the INF which Putin was violating.
      Yes, there is NO indication Trump regrets increasing military spending…

      • It’s called interfering in the affairs of another country. Something Russia never do of course. Maybe Putin realises the Republicans are not going to play ball, and he’s hoping idiots like Sanders and Gabbard will be running the US next year.

  1. Whether this is true, or just more Putin BS, we’ll never know, but luckily the POTUS has no say in military spending. His job is just to sign on the dotted line, and let the military take care of defence.

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