Three journalists from Russian state news agency detained by Turkish police

Turkish police detained three employees of the Sputnik-Turkey news agency in Ankara because of the publication “Stolen Province: Why France handed over part of Syria to Turkey 80 years ago,” reported the newspaper Sözcü.

The article was about the Turkish bordering province of Hatay, which after the First World War became part of Syria, under the control of France, and then the region was taken over by Turkey.

According to RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, it is currently not possible to contact the Russian agency’s employees. “We have been unable to contact our staff in Ankara for nine hours after they contacted the Turkish police to report that the nationalist mob attacked their apartments,” Simonyan said.

Earlier, it was reported that unknown people tried to break into the house of three employees of Sputnik-Turkey in Ankara, who are Turkish citizens. The attackers accused them of “betraying the homeland.” The attackers threatened the journalists and demanded that they stop their professional activities. Since Saturday evening, the journalists have been detained by the Turkish security forces. According to preliminary information, no one was injured in the attack.

(c) UAWire

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  • Looks like it’s open season on the Russian mouthpieces in Turkey. Russia can hardly complain, they are just getting a taste of their own medicine, where journalists end up dead on a regular basis.

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