Russia Turns Crimea Into “Small Afghanistan” – Now Legalized Cannabis Production!

The Russian Federation has legalized poppy and cannabis production across the country with the new regulation coming into force. The Moscow administration took a resolution to implement the biotechnology complex on the peninsula to be used in the so-called medical drug production in occupied-Crimea.

Scandal Resolution

Mihail Sergeyev, Deputy Rector of Foreign Relations at the so-called Crimean Federal University (named as Tavrida National University before the occupation) in Crimea, said that modern science very actively uses especially cannabis-derived plants in medicine. Stating that many countries produce cannabis which is the active ingredient of morphine, Sergeyev stated that regulations made in the legislation of the Russian Federation and that a biotechnology complex planned to establish in the occupied Crimea.

With the new legislative amendment, the Moscow administration has allowed poppy and cannabis plants to be grown for use in the medical and industrial fields. However, a few years ago, as it is known, the cultivation of poppy and cannabis in Crimea used to strictly prohibited and those who cultivated these plants were punishing.

The fact of ‘Drugs’ in the occupied Crimea

In fact, since the occupation, the word “left” was used as a cue between drug dealers and drug users all over Crimea by writing on the walls, doors and signboards. Phone numbers were writing under these spots. Strangers began to be seen in the towns and especially in the areas where Crimean Tatars live. At first, a few strangers were coming to hide the drug and telling the consumer where it had been placed. However, later on, this situation began spreading in Crimea. Crimean residents have repeatedly reported the situation to the occupying law enforcement officers, but the problem has not been resolved.

Even Russian media reflected the drug trade in Crimea.

This inexpensive drug trade has become so widespread in occupied Crimea that not only the cops but also the residents have begun to fight against drug dealers. The residents of Simferopol’s Bogurcha, Chukurcha and Maryino towns stand watched day and night, fighting against the drug dealers.

Another situation represents the gravity of the situation was that even the Russian media began to report that the Crimean Peninsula has become the center of drug trafficking. The news, published in the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya on April 8, 2019, noted that since spring 2014, almost two-thirds of youth tend to be drug addicts in Crimea.

Russia tries to turn Crimea into “small Afghanistan”

Experts and Crimean residents report that while drug use has become so widespread in the Crimean Peninsula, the invasive government’s allowance for the production of cannabis will cause frightening consequences.

Crimean resident Ukrainian international lawyer Boris Babin claims that Russia wants to increase poppy and cannabis production for in case of Russia comes under any drug embargo. Lawyer Babin adds that collaborationists in the occupied Crimea support this disastrous resolution. Referring to the activities of Russia’s opium production in Afghanistan which is one of the opium production centers of the world, Babin noted that Russia aims to turn Crimea into almost “small Afghanistan”.

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  1. Great solution by Muscovy. Let’s get the population stoned, then they will think they live in paradise, and not a Russified shithole. I very much doubt Russia are doing this in the name of medicine, more likely they are growing poppies to make heroin.

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