Thirteen witnesses in MH17 case to remain anonymous due to threats to life

Thirteen witnesses in the MH17 crash case will remain anonymous as their life may be at significant risk.

“According to an investigating judge, witnesses have the right to protection because their health and safety can be compromised. According to the prosecutor’s office data, the witnesses are at significant risk,” reports.

As noted, this stems from the documents available to the media outlet.

The trial of suspects in downing MH17 flight will start on March 9, 2020.

On June 19, 2019, the international Joint Investigation Team named four suspects believed to be involved in the transportation and combat use of the Buk missile system, from which MH17 flight had been downed. Three of them are Russians: Igor Girkin, retired officer of the Russian Armed Forces, and former colonel of Russia’s Federal Security Service; Sergey Dubinskiy, colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces; Oleg Pulatov, lieutenant colonel of the Russian Airborne Forces Reserve. The fourth suspect is Leonid Kharchenko, a Ukrainian civilian, who fought on the side of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.”

Oleg Pulatov expressed a desire to join the legal proceedings and will be represented in court by a Dutch law firm.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over conflict-hit Donbas in July 2014. There were 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board. All of them died. The JIT reported that the plane had been shot down from a Buk missile system that belongs to the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces stationed in Kursk.

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  • “Thirteen witnesses in the MH17 crash case will remain anonymous as their life may be at significant risk.”

    If Muscovy find out who these wtnesses are, their life may not be at risk, it will be at risk.

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    • 13?! Ah, the smell of roast Moskali….
      So who will be implicated? Shorty the Shirtless or Ghengis Shoigu?

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      • Does it matter? Whoever gets found guilty, the Russians will refuse to recognise the decision, and the jellyfish in various humanitarian organisations will do sweet FA, the UN also. We will here the usual BS about needing Russia to solve problems, and create dialogue, instead of destroying the country economically.

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