Such a “civil war” in Donbass: Russian, who loves killing, strangles “volunteer” from Russian Federation in “DNR” (PHOTO)

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky has confirmed that Russian nationalist Oleg Stashkin, nicknamed Kadet, who positions himself as a born killer, fought on the side of the “DNR”. The former SBU employee commented on the resonant post of Kadet, in which he assures that being a “Russian man”, he loves and knows how to kill by any means and is proud that he is an occupant by birthright, this way.

“A man in the photograph, who is without a mask, positions himself a Russian nationalist… Well, let us lift the shroud of secrecy… We thought that he had already been taken to places not so distant – my operatives passed the relevant information to the Russian law enforcement agencies. But no – he appears in social networks, as if he had not strangled a Russian volunteer who served with him in the same unit in my Vostok with his own hands, – Khodakovsky once again confirmed that Russian mercenaries fought for his “DNR” battalion.

As previously reported, contrary to the facts of the active participation of Russian military in the Donbass war, Russian and separatist propaganda call Russian aggression against Ukraine a “civil war” and an “internal conflict”.

(C)OSTROV 2020


  • Putin’s hemorrhoids are an internal conflict, not Donbas.

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    • Its no secret that Moskovia has sent their trash consisting of released criminals, illegal mercenaries, enlisted toilet thieves, hired Chechins, revisionist kozaks and siberian goons into Ukraine. Such mighty warriors then hide behind women and children. Ukrainian grandmothers with brooms have more courage than these noodledicks….

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  • англійський масон

    Why do photos of vatnikis always make you think the next one on the roll is going to be of them sucking each other’s cocks?

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  • Professional Russian soldiers ?
    Russia’s conscript Military has a tradition of sadistic hazing — called dedovshchina or “rule of the grandfathers,” because it gives older conscripts the right to brutalize new trainees. Theft, extortion, beatings, even rape are commonplace. work building their summer homes. Russia is now trying to drag it’s military into the 21st century but dedovshchina has persisted. If you want to see a really gruesome dedovshchina story, read about the case of Andrei Sychev.

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    • Russian mothers have long known what lies in store if their conscripted son is good-looking. The officers bum them and pimp them out to each other.
      Complainants are either disbelieved or receive mortal threats.

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  • These so called nationalists, i refer to the ones who really are russians in this so called battalion, are attacking and killing slavic, european brothers.
    This is treason.

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