Marmots: There is no Ukraine. Muddle instead of the state. Borsch, Bandera, there is a bandura. But there is no nation

Former presidential aide Vladislav Surkov said that ” there is no Ukraine.”

In an interview with Topical Comments , answering the question: what do you think of Ukraine, he said:

“ There is no Ukraine. There is Ukraine. That is, a specific disorder of minds. Surprisingly brought to extreme degrees, the passion for ethnography. Such a bloody local history. Muddle instead of the state. Borsch, Bandera, there is a bandura. But there is no nation. There is a brochure “Self-Ukraine”, but there is no Ukraine. The only question is whether Ukraine is already gone, or not yet? ”

Surkov further stated that he was a ” ukrooptimist”, and clarified that ” Ukraine is not there so far, but eventually it will still be.”

“ Ukrainians are stubborn guys, they will do. However, what kind of Ukraine it will be, in what borders it will exist, and even, maybe, how many Ukraine will be – open questions. And one way or another Russia will have to participate in resolving these issues, ”Surkov said.

According to him, “relations with Ukraine were never simple, even when Ukraine was part of Russia.”

“ Ukraine has always been troublesome for the imperial and Soviet bureaucracy. Either Ataman Half-Failure will fail, then the zapadents will go over to Hitler. Coercion by force to fraternal relations is the only method that has historically proven effectiveness in the Ukrainian direction. I don’t think that any other will be invented, ”Surkov said.

Recall Surkov left the civil service on January 25. He was responsible for shaping policies regarding Ukraine and cooperation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The official was also called the ” architect” of the war in the Donbass and the main ideologist of the creation of terrorist groups ” DPR” and “LPR” in eastern Ukraine.

Commenting on his departure, Surkov said that this is due to a “change of context” , without specifying what exactly this means.

In early February, the place of Surkov was taken by Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the presidential administration .

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  • “Former presidential aide Vladislav Surkov said that ” there is no Ukraine.”

    It’s amazing how Russia devote a massive amount of media time, promoting propaganda on subjects that don’t exist. Ukraine, invisible enemies, invisible weapons. Russia is one gigantic lunatic asylum, run by the inmates.

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  • Well, concerning the demographic plunge of slavic orthodox russians in the No-Toilets Federation, and muslims and chinese just waiting for the day to secede territory, i would not bother about strong proud robust christian Ukraine, booooy! 🇺🇸🇺🇦

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  • “According to him, “relations with Ukraine were never simple, even when Ukraine was part of Russia.”
    That is because it never was ‘part of’ Russia, you putinazi cunt. It was no more part of Russsia than Georgia was. It was OCCUPIED by Russia.
    See the fucking arseholes in 1921: no change 100 years later:

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  • Prince William of Orange

    This reminds me of when I was at war with Spain. King Philip II also said the Dutch Republic wasn’t a country. Back in the day, we would de-skin a guy that had such deviant ideas, than we would remove his limbs including his third leg, and then clean up by setting the traitor on fire.

    I have no idea whether currently the same standards are being applied, and I may be a little old fashioned. But if I could do this 450 years ago, I do not see why we couldn’t do this today.

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  • Surkov speaks like a Nazzi, like Hitler……………………………………………..because he is a Nazzi.

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  • англійський масон

    I know the piece loses something in translation, but these still appear to be the ramblings of a drug addled half-wit.

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  • There is no Vladislav Surkov. There is Vladislav Surkov. That is; a moron with a disorder of the mind. Surprisingly brought to extreme degrees, the passion for drugs and alcohol. Such a bloody fool. Muddle instead of a brain. Borsch-brain, secret Bandera worshipper, there is a Surkov. But there is no real man.

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