Chinese media: Russian S-300 air defense systems are useless in Syria

After missed Israeli strike on the Syrian capital, China called the Russian S-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system the most useless air defense system in the world. According to the Chinese newspaper Sina, contrary to Russia’s statement that the S-300 can track even “stealth” fighters, for a year and a half S-300s have been beaten by Israel so much that these systems should not be trusted at all.

“Syria stated that after several Israeli missile strikes, Russian S-300, S-200, SA11 and Pantsir-S1 systems, which are part of the Syrian air defense forces, did not play any role. F-35 stealth fighter jets are not even required for such attacks, as even an F-16I Adir fighters can break through the Syrian air defense and strike accurately at any target in Syria. To change the situation, Syria has to modernize the national defense air system. The Russian-made air defense systems have many flaws. China’s FD-2000 air defense system series is a much better choice. According to reports, Syria is now planning to look into the replacement of old air defense missile systems, such as the S-200 and SA-6. The FD-2000 will be a better replacement than the S-300,” Sina reports.

The Russian S-300 missile systems have not been used in Syria at all. Moreover, they have not een used in combat anywhere. It is possible that Syria can actually purchase a batch of Chinese Air Defense FD-2000.

(c)UAWIRE 2020


  • Muscovy are not going to be happy with the Chinks, but let’s be honest about it, they are 100% correct. Who’s to say the Chinese knock offs are any better, neither country has an original thought in it’s head.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    I really don’t think Syria can afford any weapons that are not Russian. I think most of it is donated, and if not, it is leased for 50 years or something, money Russia never gets back. And why would China sell this and get involved in this mess? Even though China is not not a country of angels, they usually not sell arms to the West’s enemies, as trade with the West is much more profitable to them than sell a few missiles to some shithole countries.

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