A Russia-Ukraine team would be a powerhouse, so competitors will to anything to tear us apart – Putin

This article contains Russian propaganda and bullshit!

The effort by some foreign players to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine is quite pragmatic, since the synergies coming from them working together would greatly boost both, Vladimir Putin has said.

ussia and Ukraine have common historic roots and great potential for benefiting each other from joint efforts, so it is no surprise that other players put so much energy into preventing this, the Russian president said in an interview.

“Since any integration of Russia and Ukraine, along with their capacities and competitive advantages would spell the emergence of a rival, a global rival for both Europe and the world, no one wants this. That’s why they’ll do anything to tear us apart,” he told the news agency TASS.

Ukrainian nationalists and politicians who drive the nations further apart are acting against the interest of their nation, Putin argued, citing how Ukraine is becoming less industrialized, and other economic woes since 2014. He believes the allegiances of such people lie elsewhere.

The goal of such people is “not even to get more from robbing the Ukrainian people blind, but hold on to what they had previously stolen”, he said.

So, where’s the cold hard cash?… In foreign banks. And what are they supposed to do to hold on to it? Show that they are serving those who hold that money.

Putin reiterated that he personally considered Russians and Ukrainians as a single people, but stressed that he respected people who consider their Ukrainian identity important, even if Russia’s foreign opponents have been using it to play Ukrainians against Moscow for over a century.

(c) Kremlin Today


  • A few quotes from Putin and mafia land.

    “Ukraine is not a country.”

    “Ukraine is a failed state”

    Which begs the questions, why does Russia need a failed state that they don’t even recognise as a country? Who would benefit from another partnership with Muscovy? The last one was nothing more than Ukraine being treated as a slave state to Russia, which brings me to the conclusion, Russia need Ukraine, but Ukraine can manage quite easily without Russia.

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  • Putler’s Russia is a cesspit of hate and lies. Ukraine is a victim of Russia’s fascist imperialism. It wants to be free forever, whilst putler’s ‘subjects’ yearn to be slaves.

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    • It seems to me the only force that is tearing Ukraine away from Moskovia is the little lying zit in the Kremlin. Moskali projection is SO obvious that it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Red Square Maidan is the only thing that will fix it I’m afraid.

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      • And we could have that much desired event that you have chosen for your handle RSM.
        In previous posts I have listed the putinazi lackey states and the sadly increasingly smaller list of opponents. In any case, only the US can bring about RSM, simply by expediting the type of sanctions that would bring the regime to its knees in months. IMO it boils down to a GOP govt led by the closest thing to Johnny McCain, which would be Rubio, West or possibly Haley.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    If Russia and Ukraine could become a powerhouse, what would Ukraine and the EU, the UK and the U.S. become?
    I think not just a power house, but a multi trillion MW Nuclear Fusion Power Plant, that can supply enough electricity for the entire earth, nit just once but 2093092942492794 times.

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  • All things Ukraine and Russia may have had in common, and i don’t mean corruption, were ruined when the first russian tank came to the ukrainian land and the first shot was fired at ukrainian people. Russia downgraded Ukraine to shithole-level, and now ukrainians have to fix this mess, by wiping russian corruption and kicking the invaders’ asses! Heroyam Slava!

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  • англійський масон

    There is not a single Country, State or area outside of core Russia that is considered equal to Russia. All others are considered to be much below in all matters.

    This is endemic to all vatnikis, hence their claims such as Ukrainian being a bastardised form of russian, russian being more widely spoken that Ukrainian, Ukraine going to the dogs now its no longer part of the USSR and Crimea being improved since the illegal occupation.

    The only thing the short cocksucker wants is to reinstate the USSR to make himself look like a great leader.

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