Enemy attack in Zolote, Donbas: farewell to illusions

As soon as Kyiv officials of different levels (even ministers) started telling on live TV that the implementation of “peace plans” and “joint patrolling” following some kind of arrangements reached in Munich would take place in line with Ukrainian law and under Ukrainian government control, the “greeting” came from the east.

Among other things, insatiable and blood-thirsty warmongers and death traders with today’s offensive with the use of their cannon fodder explicitly showed their attitude to the idea of ​​the public dialogue platform “Donbas Peace”, dictating the tone and sort of emphasizing the relevance of its presentation (tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, the day following the attack on Ukrainian troops).

However, these things all seem to be obvious. But, of course, European partners, eager to resume trade with the Russian Empire as soon as possible, will pretend to believe Moscow’s assurances that “they are not there,” and that “they don’t control” the occupied areas of Donbas. This is also obvious. Another thing remains unclear – has enough evidence already amassed for the Ukrainian president and his entourage to finally see something in Putin’s eyes anything other than his unbearably bloody desire for peace to stop pretending that anyone can agree on anything with Russia? Will the president’s reserves of humor, mentioned by his spokesperson, last long enough to talk about difficult things while Ukrainians are dying on the front lines?

Both the public and, in fact, Ukrainian authorities urgently require intelligible answers to these questions. That’s because if the public might dwell in illusions that complex issues – such as war or economic development – can be resolved by simple solutions, the government has no right to do so.

Bidding farewell to illusions is inevitable, but it may come too late for Ukraine, perhaps so late that the process of bidding this farewell will last longer than the state of Ukraine as such. Indeed, suggesting that there is still time for trying to play games with an experienced Kremlin cheater would also be an illusion.

Mykhailo Gannytskyi is an editor-in-chief at UNIAN

(c) Unian


  • Excellent article, should be sent to all appeasers in the West, who excuse the terrorist activities of the mafia state. I doubt it would make any difference to the gutless wonders, they are too busy stuffing rubles into bank accounts.

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    • The yellow-bellied pacifists bark about peace while Ukraine is defending them from Stalin 2.0. They sit there with tendonless legs folded as if in a teacher’s lounge. Perched on their self-built throne adorned by mirrors and try to tell the rest of us how to live. We should trade with Russia, not fight Russia, right? Music to Putin’s little ears and laughter down the aisles of the Kremlin. Perhaps they should study a little history before barking from their immoral, disillusioned high ground.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    Excellent article.
    Honestly I hoped for some success when Zelensky attempted to bring peace.

    Of course I knew it wouldn’t happen, as I know Putin well enough, but still I had hope.

    But my realist expectations came true. The only true hope for Ukraine is an intervention by the West, or Putin’s death. I feel so bad for the families of everyone that has perished, for absolutely nothing. Only because one perverted monster wanted this to happen.

    He won’t win obviously, but he doesn’t realize that or he wants to punish others for his personal failure to keep the Soviet Union alive.

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