Russians detain Ukrainian boat in Azov Sea off Crimea coast

“The captain of the boat did not fulfill legitimate requirements of the coast guard to halt, and tried to escape,” reads the statement. REUTERS


Russian authorities have detained in the Azov Sea a small vessel with four Ukrainian nationals on board, according to a statement by the Russian Federal Security Service. Russians claim that the crew had no IDs on them, according to Hromadske International. “

The captain of the boat did not fulfill legitimate requirements of the coast guard to halt, and tried to escape,” reads the Russian statement.

The report says a fishing net and 300 Black Sea turbot fish were found on board. The crew had no fishing permits at hand that the Russian occupation authorities required. The vessel has been taken to the Russian-controlled port of Kerch in the occupied Crimea.

(C)UNIAN 2020


  • Again Putin takes new hostages, Zenny will do nothing.

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  • Retake Donbas by force. It’s the only way to restore diplomacy.

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    • They would be hopelessly outgunned. You should know that Mike, as a military man?
      Only an overwhelmingly powerful joint expeditionary force with full sea and air support would do the trick.
      Ukraine developing the capability to pull it off on her own is still many years away.
      We know the ‘sanctions from hell’ are not coming until after Trump has gone, if at all.
      There are two things that Zel can do:
      1/ ask his best military brains for a long term feasibility study and brainstorm some ideas.
      2/ recall all loyal Ukrainians in Russia, sever ALL trade/commercial/diplomatic links with putlerstan and nationalise all putlerstan assets in Ukraine.
      3/ prepare for the inevitable reprisals.

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      • I’m talking about guerilla warfare, sabotage, assassinations, attacks on power supplies, roads, rails, bridges, ammo depots and tv/radio stations. Ukraine can fuck the invaders, if they want to…

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        • Yes I agree with that. But again it would take incredible planning and they would have to have a robust strategy for dealing with reprisals. Regrettably Russia is a powerful enemy and could inflict significant damage with terror attacks in key cities. In fact putler might well be happy to take some losses, as it would give him legitimacy to do the type of stuff his vermin do in Syria.

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          • How can there be reprisals when the Kremlin repeatedly states that they are not involved and they don’t have any troops there? It is so tempting to call his bluff…

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            • Putler’s massive propaganda machine would go into overdrive just as it did in 2014. Putler has huge ambitions: he would take all Ukraine, Belarus, Pribaltika and Georgia just for starters if he thought he could get away with it.
              Any attack on his occupiers would be met with a level of force that Ukraine’s armed forces would struggle to cope with. The shitweasel can’t afford to lose face.

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        • Prince William of Orange

          Of course Ukraine can blitz the Donbas.
          But then Russia will send all it has.
          There is no way Ukraine can do this: NATO should step in but these corrupt fucks only spend time counting their rubles.
          With U.S. air support, the war can be over in a few days, but yeah.


  • англійський масон

    There’s another stolen Toilet.

    Mind you, if its anything like most fishing boats the vatnikis are welcome to it.

    Then again its probably still a luxury item to your average Ivan.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    Let me guess, the Russian need another toilet.
    Clean toilets are very scarse in Russia, so that is why they capture a Ukrainian vessel now and then.


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