Putin: Hypersonic weapon makes idea of Russia’s deterrence meaningless

Russia’s president believes that the U.S. attempts to neutralize Russia’s nuclear capacity are meaningless

President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the presence of a hypersonic weapon in Russia made the expenses of other states for its deterrence meaningless as Interfax reported.

According to Putin, the missile defense system of the West aims for the neutralization of Russia’s nuclear capability.

“But as we got the hypersonic weapon, their attempts to make it became meaningless and the multi-billion expenses became meaningless,” Putin said.

In December 2019, Putin stated that only Russia possesses a hypersonic weapon. He also underlined that Moscow precedes others in the level of development of advanced arms the first time ever.

“The Soviet Union always came up with the U.S. – in a nuclear weapon, in strategic aviation and the first intercontinental-range missile. As for today, we have a unique situation in our new and modern history: we are come up with. Any country of the world possesses a hypersonic weapon at all and hypersonic weapon of continental range – moreover,” Putin.

As we reported, the Russian military command apparently placed the MiG-31 interceptors armed with ballistic missiles in the Kola peninsula, not far from the borders with Finland and Norway.

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  • If only Russia has hypersonic weapons, why build radar stations near the Norwegian border to detect them? You’re full of shit as usual. The nearest Russia will ever get to anything hypersonic is on a cgi.

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    • The shitweasel knows his market: gullible, zero-integrity politicians in the west who don’t give a shit about Ukraine and are so shit scared of him that they prefer to grovel.

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  • The dumb old ICBMs will still get through any ABM defenses if used in quantity, which is how they would certainly be used in any great-power war. Hypersonic missiles are wonderfully fast and clever, but they’re also expensive and quite unnecessary.
    So why has Russia spent what is clearly a great deal of money to develop a snazzy but pointless weapon? Because the Russian military-industrial complex is still alive and kicking despite the demise of the old Soviet Union. Developing new weapons is what it does, whether they are needed or not.
    This provides an entire Russian industry with interesting and well-paid jobs. In return, the industry provides the regime with cool new weapons that make it look powerful and even fearsome to people who don’t understand nuclear deterrence. 

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  • “Russia’s president believes that the U.S. attempts to neutralize Russia’s nuclear capacity are meaningless”
    The US Congress, US defense contractors, and top US generals and admirals know that anything the gutter rat says regarding weaponry is meaningless.

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