Ruling faction’s head doesn’t mind water supply to Crimea in exchange for Donbas border

Arakhamia’s position is that these are citizens of Ukraine who will use water in Crimea.

Chairman of the Servant the People faction in Ukraine’s parliament David Arakhamia has said he would personally agree if water were supplied from mainland Ukraine to Russia-occupied Crimea in exchange for full control of the Ukrainian border in Donbas.

“I would see it as a reasonable compromise. I would go for that. Since anyway citizens of Ukraine will use water in Crimea,” he told Ukrainian TV channel Pryamiy when asked to express his personal position on the situation if Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to broker a deal on Donbas in exchange for Ukraine’s supply of water to Crimea.

At the same time, he said Russia would have to withdraw its troops from Donbas and let Ukraine retake its border.

“If this is an exchange for the fact that they are withdrawing with all their armed formations to Rostov, and we establish full control over our border. And it is necessary to supply water to Crimea for this. I would definitely go for that,” Arakhamia added.

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  • So this traitor wants to swap Ukrainian water, for the Ukrainian border. I hope he’s ready for the shitstorm if he tries it.

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  • No compromise to the shitweasel. Only after a complete, fully verified withdrawal, full reparations paid, murdering scum handed over and fully secured border. No ‘peace-keepers’ from putlerite shithole countries; only combat-ready troops from countries that can be relied upon. That puts it down to a very small list.

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  • I agree with him. But concerning the Crimea i’m a well known traitor after all. 😊

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  • No water, or electricity, before Donbas and Crimea is Ukrainian territory again!

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  • Prince William of Orange

    Morally I disagree, but when I am more pragmatic I will stick with Mike.
    Consider that if at one day Putler dies and a successor wants to get rid of sanctions and returns Crimea,
    Crimea is completely ruined without water.

    The soil is becoming contaminated with salt, and agriculture is becoming near impossible if they keep pumping groundwater.

    Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for the day the Ukrainian flag is proudly waving again in Crimea, but if providing Crimea with water
    could stop Ukrainians from being killed in Donbas and at the same time it could prevent Crimea from becoming completely wrecked, it is worth consideration.

    However, I think it does not need to be discussed, Putin wants to control Ukraine, and water is not helping him to do so. No way Putin is giving up control over the Donbas, as he considers it a way to control what is happening in Kyiv.

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