Putin’s Always Watching in Russian Elevator Prank

A Russian prankster glued a massive portrait of President Vladimir Putin to the inside of a residential elevator. He then placed a camera in the elevator to record people’s reactions. Some of the reactions were incredulous, others were angry, but all were hilarious.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • This is the funniest video so far this year. Looking at the video, Mr Popular isn’t very popular at all.

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    • Thank fuck there are plenty of people in that benighted land that clearly loathe the tiny poisoner. Unfortunately they are all outside the filthy, corrupt ruling elite.

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    • I first thought it was in Ukraine. Too funny! 😂

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      • I think if it been in Ukraine it would have been dripping with spit in five minutes. 😂

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        • Or kicked off the wall…

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        • I remember reading in 2014 about the strategically important city of Mykolaiv; a shipbuilding centre, roughly halfway between Kherson and Odessa. This is or was a virtually 100% roosky speaking area. The city’s Lenin statue was marmalised by loyalists and in response a bunch of putlerites and commies descended on the central square to protest, in the hope of triggering the arrival of Girkin-type thugs. They never came, but there was of course an attempt to start something in Odessa, which ended in flames. Also there was something similar in Kherson, but it never gained traction.
          It was then that even putler realised that there could be no ‘novorossiya’ without a full scale invasion, because there was just no support for it.
          In the article, someone in a typical soviet apartment block in Mykolaiv put up a large putlerstani flag. The locals called the cops, who roughed up the flag-poster and theatrically burned the flag for the entertainment of the residents!

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    • Too funny, and nice to hear such language in Russian! I hope this catches on and other places do it so we can see the reactions. Then the Kremlin will realize they really can’t do much to stop social media.

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      • I hope the authorities don’t go after the guy who put the image up, but he’s not responsible for people’s reactions. This is Russia though, and taking the piss out of dwarfy is a threat to state security.

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