Mr Jones


A must-see and a near masterpiece: but maybe too late to have been a contender for this year’s Oscars and maybe too early for next year’s? It is certainly way ahead in quality of the stuff that did well at this year’s ‘woke’ Oscar ceremony.

The reviews were good, but horribly dispassionate, given the subject matter. Most of the critics treated it as just another movie, rather than a factual portrayal of the circumstances surrounding a biblical atrocity.

The director, Agnieszka Holland, is so far removed from the trashy style of fashionable directors like Tarantino, as to be a breath of fresh air. Even for those who know nothing of and care even less about the subject matter, it works well as a high class, but very harrowing drama.

It is a Polish/Ukrainian/British production. If only they could form a military/strategic/trade alliance as well as a movie alliance between these three! It would work well for all three parties.

The great and courageous Welshman is portrayed brilliantly by James Norton and the treacherous, evil, lizard-like, degenerate sex pervert Duranty by Peter Sarsgaard.

Of course, as history tells us, there is no happy ending.

If you can’t get to a theatre, the following is a link to watch it online. But make sure you buy the dvd when it comes out. If it makes money, the producers might be tempted to make another movie about Russian atrocities. Do not forget that putlerites in Hollywood conspired to make Renny Harlin’s excellent Five Days Of War (about the invasion of Georgia) turn out to be only a minor movie that barely covered its production costs.

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