Russia worried over Kiev’s statements about revision of Minsk accords – Lavrov

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. Russia is alarmed to hear Kiev’s statements on the revision of the Minsk agreements in case of the absence of immediate steps towards their implementation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Rossiskaya Gazeta daily.

“We are worried over [Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim] Priskaiko’s recent statements that in case no positive steps are taken in the near future, by Russia again, Kiev may look at an alternative to the Minsk agreements,” he said. “And what kind of alternatives? The ones our American colleagues, and the Kiev authorities with their backing, have been enthusiastically pushing for: control of the border first and then everything will be all right.”

Lavrov recalled that Russian President in reply to such words had repeatedly drawn attention to “who are consolidating under neo-Nazi slogans in Ukraine and how they threaten to use force.” “Even the new government and the new Verkhovna Rada say that a force scenario cannot be ruled out,” the Russian top diplomat went on to say. “And should these people be given control over the border? If it come that way, there could be no talk about [Donbass’] special status, local elections, and the rest.”

“They will simply strangle the local population,” he noted. “And even if Ukraine’s authorities don’t want to use force against Donbass’ residents, I don’t see that paramilitary battalions, which are quite strong there, are ready to implement the orders of the supreme commander in chief. All saw how [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky visited the frontline to persuade to disengage forces and weapons in the areas that were agreed back in 2015.”.

Source: TASS Russia News


  • Let’s just say Ukraine are following the example of Muscovy when it comes to agreements. Ukraine should wipe their ass with Minsk. It was signed while Ukraine had no army, Putin threatened to demolish Ukraine’s army if it wasn’t signed, but things are different now. Russia would still beat Ukraine’s military, but at what cost?

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    • “…Kiev authorities … control of the border first and then everything will be all right.”
      Yes, Laughrov, you finally get it. Return everything as it was before you invaded.

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      • If Russia are not involved, like this lying bastard keeps saying, then what is the problem? Now we know why Russia have been throwing passports around like confetti. Next thing we know, Russia will be protecting not Russian speakers in Donbas, but Russians.

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        • Good point. I think the passports are part of the re-population scheme that the Kremlin occasionally enacts. It compliments the forced re-locations and annexations while covering for the brain drain.
          I’ve been saying for years that the Moskali wouldn’t fight back…immediately…if the Warthogs were sent in. I’m certainly no expert but as you said, they STILL claim they are not in Ukraine so call their bluff and barbeque a couple thousand of the invaders, the planet will be cleaner afterwards.

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          • Yeah, Muscovy would not dare to try and down a US plane in Ukraine, but I don’t see it happening, not when Trump wants to improve relations with the dwarf. Now we have no John McCain on our side, it looks pretty much like we are alone.

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          • Passports are a tried and tested way for putler to consolidate annexation. This is how the cunts skanked Abkhazia and South Ossetia off Georgia.

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  • FOAD Lavrov, you nazi pig.

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