Sea Breeze 2020: Japan and South Korea to join international exercises in Ukraine

22:25, 8 February 2020

In total, about 20 countries will take part in military drills this year.

Japan and South Korea will join the Sea Breeze annual international exercises which to take place in Odesa in 2020. This was reported by the press office of Ukrainian Border Service.

 “An important indicator of this year was the involvement of new participants, namely representatives of Japan and South Korea. Also, for the first time in the history of Sea Breeze, the Norwegian Armed Forces are planning to take part in the land component,” said 1st rank captain Oleksiy Doskato, head of training from Ukraine.

During the week in Odesa – the “capital” of the traditional Sea Breeze exercises – multinational headquarters agreed on the concept and main scenario of future maneuvers.

“A detailed plan, the content of strategic and educational tasks, the composition of the participating countries, the determination of locations, areas of firing, as well as other components of complex multicomponent events – all this was stated, calculated, mentioned in the plot of the exercises, taking into account the specifics of each department and structure that accept participation,” the report said.

We recall that in 2019 the ships and units of Ukraine, the United States of America, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Poland, France, Turkey and Sweden took place in the drills.

Sea Breeze is an annual multinational exercise that has been held since 1997.

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