Prague names square next to Russian embassy after Nemtsov

In recent years, the name Nemtsov has appeared in the toponymy of different cities around the world. First, at the end of February 2018, Boris Nemtsov Plaza appeared in Washington, DC.

In March 2018, a square named after Boris Nemtsov was opened in front of the Russian Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. The square named after Boris Nemtsov was opened in March 2019 near the building of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Also, commemorative plaques associated with the name of Nemtsov appeared in some cities in Russia.

“TOP 09 councillors will back the renaming of the square… where the embassy is situated to Boris Nemtsov Square,” tweeted European Parliament member Jiri Pospisil, head of the TOP 09 party in Prague.

The other major parties represented in the Prague city council have also voiced support for renaming the square.

In July 2017, a Moscow court found five men from Russia’s North Caucasus region of Chechnya guilty of Nemtsov’s murder and sentenced them to lengthy prison terms.

But Nemtsov’s relatives and associates believe his killing was ordered at a higher level, and say justice will not be served until the person or people behind it are identified and prosecuted.

The Embassy of Russia in Prague is located at nam. Pod Kastany 1, Prague 6 – Bubenec.

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  1. Nice one Prague. Now you need to fire your scrofulous little putler jackboot licking president: Miloš Zeman.

  2. Oh my! This is so horrible!
    Prague names a square after a russian, diabolic! 😱😠
    This is a high level conspiracy, towards Ukraine of course!
    Now we must nuke the Puttler jackboot licking conspiracists in Prague!!! Pronto!

        • I am pro european, that’s what i am.
          I love Europe and that’s why i hate the EU and i praise Orbáns actions in Hungary.
          But, this you will never understand, unfortunally.
          You just wan’t to mark me as a “Putlerite” and that’s the reason to my sarcasms.

          But you go on and see whats ahead, it wont be beautiful or good.
          Just wait and see.


          • Ahead is a revolt in Nordic countries, the home of feminism. And nobody there needs shitty Hungary or Putin to achieve something. You are just trolling for Russia. We don’t need Russia to solve problems, since Russia and their buddy Turkey are the problem. Now take your meds and get some sleep…

            • Uhm, Orbán protects the borders of Hungary and for that i give him my respect, and i wish Sweden would act the same but this will never happend, ever.

              And Orbán is not able to protect swedes, danes or brits against them selves anyway, it’s impossible and you should know that, actually.

              And i allready wrote my opinions about Putin and his actions and for the one who is able to read its obvious i am not a “Putlerite” (Glossary a la Scradgel).

              Ok, i take my pills but i should urge you to take some pills aswell, against paranoia.
              For your own sanity.

              • I agree with you that what Orban does – keeping out the illegal immigrant hordes – is a good thing. But, his servitude to mafia land is a big negative.

                • Agreed!
                  The last thing he should do is to trust Putin and absolutely not let him gain Influence over Hungary.

                  And the same with the rat in Ankara, it’s depressing Orbán consider that little asshole being a compagno.

      • Ok then.

        However, it’s really sad, the development in the UK.
        Your nation is f—-d no matter Brexit or not.
        So sad.

        Would be terrible to witness a similar future for Ukraine and the other nations in the east, with or without Putin.
        But just go on mr.

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