Recent developments in eastern Ukraine are positive, but full implementation of ceasefire required, says OSCE SMM Chief Monitor

VIENNA, 7 February 2020 – Despite the positive impact of recent disengagement in the three agreed areas and the reconstruction of the bridge near Stanytsia Luhanska, a comprehensive ceasefire remains an essential element for progress, said the Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, Yaşar Halit Çevik, in his address to the OSCE Permanent Council yesterday in Vienna.

He noted that overall, the disengagement process remained on track in the pilot areas, and that discussions in the Trilateral Contact Group’s Working Group on Security Issues continued to reach an agreement on the identification of new disengagement areas. “More efforts on mine action and the opening of new entry-exit checkpoints along the contact line are needed to alleviate the hardship civilians face every day”, said Çevik. 

He also emphasized that the SMM continues to experience restrictions to its freedom of movement, which hinders its ability to fulfill its mandated tasks. 

(c) OSCE

One comment

  • What is positive about yet another ceasefire totally disregarded by Russia, Ukrainian military killed on a regular basis, and the OSCE still blocked by Russians from going anywhere near the border? Until this useless organisation purge themselves of Russians, and recognise that Russia are the problem, not the solution, nothing will change in Donbas.

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