Kremlin confirms appointment of “simple citizen of Russia” Pashkov as “Prime Minister of the DNR”

The Kremlin has confirmed the fact of appointment of Russian citizen Vladimir Pashkov “chairman of the government” of the so-called “DNR”. This follows from the statement of press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

Answering the question of how the Russian citizen headed the “government” of the terrorist “republic” and how this correlates with the Kremlin’s statements that Russia was not involved in the occupation of Donbass, Vladimir Putin’s speaker said that the Russian authorities did not delegate Pashkov to this post.

“Russia is by no means involved in this conflict. This is not an official delegation of an official… In this case, we can only talk about acting as an individual, just a citizen of the Russian Federation, so there are no contradictions here”, – Peskov stated.

As previously reported, there was a change in the so-called “chairman of the government” of the “DNR” in overwhelming secrecy. Vladimir Pashkov became acting “prime minister” instead of Alexander Ananchenko without any explanation, “decrees” and so on.

(C)OSTROV 2020


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