The EU

There are now three crypto-fascist putlerite regimes in the bloc: Italy, Austria and Orbanistan. Not coincidentally they were part of the axis powers in ww2.

Until it collapsed, there was a hard left/borderline communist government in Greece, under a shitbag named Tsipras. Naturally it was a putlerite regime.

Now there is a Stalinist regime in Spain, which will inevitably be pro-putlerstan/pro-Iran.

All of these crapholes are led by the covert putlerite countries Germany and France. A pox on the lot of them!

Here is the link to an excellent National Review piece about ‘Stalin’s fan club’ in Spain:-



  • Meanwhile in America: The Democrat party has signaled where it is going in the future. A vile, hate-spitting bunch of fifth columnists known as ‘the squad’ are becoming mainstream in that dreadful party, which is getting very similar to the JeremIRA CorbLenin version of the Labour Party in Britain. On the other hand, the GOP is proving to be a big success for the US economy. Since the US economy is the motor that drives the world’s economy, it’s good for everyone. If only Trump would stop groveling to evil dictators and cure himself of his Russia fetish, he could be a decent president.

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    • And here you have the leader of the Democrats ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech. I guess the Socialists didn’t like it…

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      • The whole fucking bunch of them acted like children ! Sitting there with sour faces and shaking their heads while Trump spoke about low unemployment and welfare roles .
        She looked like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum…,… disgusting!

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        • Have you ever seen Americans so polarized and at each other’s throats? Putler must be loving it. You have the Marxist Dems spewing hate and lies and the GOP now dominated by putlerite media pigs such as Carlson, Hannity, Jones and Savage who latched onto Trumpkov’s nefarious loyalties.
          Result being that the Dems used Ukraine as a stick to beat Trump with and now all Americans hate Ukraine. What a fucking shitshow!

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          • All Americans hate Ukraine? With all due respect, but this is absolutely untrue.

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            • I exaggerated to make a point. The far left and far right despise Ukraine because they think it should be with Russia. But the mainstream right, as represented by Fox star Tucker Carlson, have also gone putlerite since his declaration to millions that he was “rooting for Russia”. You can see in the disqus comments : Trumpoids all love putler.

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              • I will keep repeating myself until I quit hearing this far-fetched theory that there are Americans rooting for Russia.
                Not true.
                You need to broaden your world a little Sir Scradge. You can’t put everyone in a bag. Even 1% of Americans is more than the whole population of Croatia.

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                • Redders, I have previously listed for you all the many mainstream US media outlets that root for putler and that excludes the non-mainstream but popular ones like zero hedge. You can’t hide your head in the sand forever. Carlson is one of the biggest stars yes? Hannity not far behind. You can see the effect on any sites that allow comments. The biggest English language news site in the world, the Daily Mail and its sister publication, the Mail on Sunday, has a huge commments section. I suggest you read them to see the massive support that the trumputin element has. I am giving you facts not conjecture. That bastard Carlson can be seen rooting for putler on video to his millions of fans.

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          • It is so bad that in my family and many others ,we can no longer discuss politics at family gatherings.
            There has always been heated debate but now it seems that the division runs so deep that families have actually split.
            This weakens the United States more than any act of war.
            I believe that it is indirectly responsible for the events in Iran.
            The Iranians made a huge mistake by thinking that Trump’s hands were tied by impeachment proceedings.

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  • 🙂


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