‘Crimea Is Lost,’ Pompeo Reportedly Tells Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has allegedly said that Ukraine has lost Crimea to Russia forever, according to a closed-door meeting participant’s account provided to Ukrainian media.

Pompeo reportedly made the remarks Friday at talks with Ukrainian civil society members during his recent visit to Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. Ukraine’s relations with Russia collapsed after Moscow seized the Black Sea peninsula and a war between pro-Russian rebels and Kiev broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014. 

“He said that Crimea is lost,” Yelena Trehub, the head of Ukraine’s nongovernmental anti-corruption watchdog, told the NV news magazine Tuesday.

“World players are well aware that Crimea is lost,” Trehub recounted Pompeo’s words to Crimean activist Emina Dzhaparova. “Russia is not a country from which you can take something away.”

The United States and Western countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia over Crimea, including a fresh round last week after the peninsula’s 2019 election and the introduction of direct railway service to mainland Russia.

The Kremlin has maintained that the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine was a “closed issue” for Russia.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “Russia is not a country from which you can take something away.”

    You and the orange guy have not tried very hard either. You could quite easily get Crimea back under Ukraine control, by sanctioning the crap out of Russia.

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  • Pompeo must have French antecedents. What a contemptible fucking arsehole.

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  • I fucking knew it !!!
    When there was no mention of Crimea in his last statement.

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  • I fully agree. Risking Ukraine’s total demolition for a shithole (now is) mainly populated by ruskies and tatars is not a wise move. The only way Crimea will come back is if the locals during mass protests and a general strike demand so, similar to Maidan. There’s also the Black Sea Treaty for the lease of Sevastopol until 2048, meaning until then, if Crimea was returned, Nato would not give Ukraine full membership. I said the same for five long years, but was insulted as traitor or worse. Anyway, at least Pompeo had the guts to say it, instead of lying to Ukraine like Berlin and Paris always do.

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