Russia cannot be put in corner as “student in class” – French envoy

The ambassador emphasized that France favors a demanding dialogue that should yield results.

French Ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins has said Russia cannot be put in a corner as a “student in a school class,” while dialogue is needed.

In an interview with hromadske, the ambassador said the starting point for French President Emanuel Macron was that the previous type of relations with Russia could not prevail.

“A situation where we didn’t speak with the Russians, where we subjected them to isolation or kept our distance from them – none of this was about good tactics and strategy,” de Poncins said.

“President Macron’s initial desire was to try to restore confidence, start talking to them – in particular, with Vladimir Putin – to restore contact, but while strictly observing conditions for such a dialogue,” the ambassador said.

He said France’s position has not changed regarding the territorial integrity of Ukraine and regarding the sanctions against Russia, which have been regularly extended.

In this regard, the ambassador emphasized that France favors a demanding dialogue that should bring results.

“After all, we are seeing a return to the Normandy format. This is directly related to the fact that we had been working to restore confidence between Putin and Zelensky,” the ambassador said.

“Russia is a major partner, it has military prowess, as well as economic power, we have economic interests in Russia, as well as in Ukraine. Therefore, it makes no sense to put Russia in a corner as a student in a school class. We need to maintain a dialogue with them,” de Poncins said.

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  • No wonder it took Hitler all of 5 minutes to overrun France. Dialogue with dictators does not work, when will these spineless politicians ever learn?

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  • Stupid, sniveling little worm reverting to type as usual.

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    • When this dialogue fails, as we all know it will. We will hear the age old fall back statement of, “both sides should refrain from destabilising the situation”.

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  • “The ambassador emphasized that France favors a demanding dialogue that should yield results.”
    It’s simply hopeless. European nematodes will never learn that dialogue will only make Ruskies laugh their asses off.

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    • Dialogue with Muscovy should start with a smack in the mouth, a boot in the balls, then dialogue.

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      • Absolutely. Here is an example of “demanding dialog”…
        Get out of Transnistria or we will blockade it.
        Get out of South Ossetia or we will build a NATO base there.
        Get out of Abkhazia or we will retake the coastline all the up to Sochi.
        Get out of the Crimea or we will take Kaliningrad.
        Get out of the Donbas or we will remove you from the UNSC.
        Scrap Nord Stream 2 or Europe will convert to American/Norwegian LNG.
        Get out of Africa or we will kick you out of SWIFT.
        Stop the flyovers and close calls at sea or we will start dropping them.
        Stop hacking or we will start using the CIA worms on your networks.

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