Dubilet proposes to link president’s, PM’s, speaker’s bonuses to GDP growth

Dubilet proposes to link president's, PM's, speaker's bonuses to GDP growth

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet has said that the size of bonuses for Ukraine’s president, prime minister and Verkhovna Rada chairman should be linked to GDP growth in the country.

“The president ordered us to put forward a general proposal on the architecture of salaries. I have been working on the issue during past week. We tried to bring everything into one system so that on the one hand the logic of correlation between salaries in various agencies be clear, but on the other, it should be clear what specific indices the variable component is linked to. And on the third hand this should be acceptable for the community and we have to be able to reply to requests of the specialists we want to hire,” Dubilet said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

The minister said that a presentation with the description of a new architecture of salaries has been created and he was waiting for the resolutions from the prime minister and the president.

When asked what level of salaries should be established and on which key performance indicators it should depend, Dubilet said that each position requires a specific approach.

“For example, in the proposal, which I have made, bonuses for the president, the prime minister and the speaker, who are the top officials, should be linked to GDP growth. It is not clear what else indices the variable part can be linked to. The salary of each minister should depend on what he or she do directly, for example to a quarterly report. MPs’ salaries could depend on their own indices. The most obvious is their participation in the session and in work of committees,” the minister said.


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