Ukraine, Turkey sign agreement on military, technical cooperation

Ukraine and Turkey have signed an agreement on military and financial cooperation and a range of other bilateral documents.

Following a meeting of Ukraine-Turkey High-Level Strategic Council, the sides signed an agreement on military and financial cooperation, a protocol of the implementation of financial aid and an agreement on mutual recognition of driving licenses, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent has reported.

The officials of Ukraine and Turkey also signed a memorandum of mutual understanding between the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Interior Ministry of Turkey for cooperation in the sphere of prevention of disasters and liquidation of their aftermath.

In addition, the sides signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the talks on a free trade area between the Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Ministry of Ukraine and the Trade Ministry of Turkey.

The heads of the countries’ archival agencies also signed a cooperation agreement.

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  • Well, folks, this was my last post on this site. I wish Zelensky, the RUS mafia and Turkey the best. I totally lost interest, and so did my gurls. Maybe one day this SHIT GOVERNMENT will hang, but i don’t have time to watch the paint dry…

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    • You can search my full name on Twitter and write me anytime. Bye!

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      • C’mon Mike ! I for one would definitely miss your posts . Even when we disagree! You are obviously a soldier and I can’t believe that you would just give up !

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    • I don’t believe you, you are the comeback kid 😂

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    • Why? Ukraine still does far more business with Russia than it does with Turkey. It is in Ukraine’s interest to form alliances as it has so few reliable friends. Besides this thing they’ve just done looks like mainly just flannel.
      Long before Turkey became a dictatorship, there were significant business links, which can be demonstrated by the number of daily flights from Ukr airports to Istanbul.

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      • You are the best friend Ukraine and Georgia could ever have, and a nice bloke! Maybe i need a time out. I’m pretty busy anyway. We will see. As long as you guys all continue nothing can go wrong. It was clear the day a tv clown became president and the exiled oligarchs returned from Israel and Turkey – that awful times will be ahead for Ukraine. Recent polls show almost 60℅ disapprove with Zelensky. So we will see. There’s a huge Snooker tournament going on + primaries in the US, i guess i have enough to do in my short free time. 😉

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        • You are one fiery Cajun, but with heart in the right place!
          As for Zel, his honeymoon is definitely over! Time for the return of Poro; this time as dictator, until the danger has passed.
          See you soon man. Take care!

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          • In other words, he would rather smoke some bearded pajama-wearing basement dwellers on Twitter….lmao

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            • Twitter has the leftist equivalent of the putinazi trolls we encounter on putler sites like Breitbart, infowars etc. Real scum.
              There is an article today in the huge circulation Daily Mail about Rush Limbaugh having advanced cancer. I’m no fan of Limbaugh as he takes Trump’s line on putler, but the gloating and festering hatred of these trolls is horrible. Reminiscent of the Trumputler trolls posting poisonous hatred of John McCain when he was dying.

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        • It is a pickle with Turkey. There is an old traditional friendship and especially with the Tartars. The Tartars have a better case to get the Crimea back than Ukrainians do. Not saying they are separate people but I think some European institutions do. There is also the Black Sea group, another NATO member, and a pretty good wedge against the main fascist mafia zit. Putin is getting weeded out slowly and Erdogoon could be the nail in putler’s coffin.

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  • Ukraine hopes for Turkey’s help in the process of releasing Ukrainian political prisoners, including Crimean Tatars, who are imprisoned in the temporarily occupied Crimea and on the territory of Russia, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

    “Ukraine hopes for Turkey’s help in the process of releasing Ukrainian political prisoners, including Crimean Tatars imprisoned in Crimea and Russia,” he said during a joint press briefing with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Kyiv on Monday.

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