Ukraine May Sell Water to Occupied Crimea, Says Ruling Party MP

Crimea’s water woes have reached critical levels. In some parts of the peninsula, agriculture has nearly ground to a halt due to drought.

Prior to its occupation by Russian forces, this water was supplied by mainland Ukraine, via the Dnipro river and the North Crimean canal. But this arrangement quickly ended following the occupation. Now, a ruling MP from the Servant of the People party has said that selling water to Crimea – in practice, to the occupying Russian authorities – is an option the ruling party has under consideration.

Yuriy Aristov, Servant of the People MP, said this during a conversation with journalists from investigative journalism outlet Schemes.

“We had this idea to sell water. The Israelis sell water when the country is practically at war and make money. That is, they’re basically solving their own social problems at someone else’s expense. Maybe, we can do it here as well…” said the MP.

The Russians seem amenable to the proposed arrangement. Vladimir Dzhabarov, a member of the of the International Affairs Committee of Russia’s Federation Council, the higher legislative house in the country, said that Russia was ready to pay for water.

“A smart statement. We said from the very beginning, when they closed the North Crimean canal, that we are ready to pay for this water. But none of the conclusions were considered,” commented Dzhabarov. 

An earlier Ukrainian proposal offered water in exchange for de-occupation of the north part of the peninsula, though that plan never came to fruition. And whether the Ukrainian government will act on a policy of selling water to the peninsula remains to be seen.

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  • “The Israelis sell water when the country is practically at war and make money.”

    The difference is, Ukraine are not practically at war, they are at war, and even thinking about selling water to the invaders is an act of treason.

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  • That would be a surrender. Fools.

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    • Yep, it’s the one place where Ukraine has Russia by the balls, and they need to squeeze harder, not ease up on the pressure. Let Crimea blow away into the Black Sea.

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  • The Servant of the Russian Peoples Party becomes stronger by the day.

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  • Let the mafioso break their pea brains over how to supply the peninsula with water. This is one area where Ukraine has power. Use it wisely!

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  • Earning money by selling water over your dead soldiers blood is treason of the Ukrainian people!

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  • англійський масон

    Fuck ’em.

    Sell them the effluent from the nearest treatment works.

    Instead of spending billions on self crashing shite, if they spent it on desalination plants they would have plenty of water, but no, in true vatniki style they just want to parasite off the nearest source.

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    • Yeah, Fuck’em, they think they can control the weather in Muskovia, why not Ukraine’s Crimea too? Besides, the occupiers don’t even want water, it’s just a military base and gulag to them. Put your pants on Zelensky…

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  • IF you assume that water supplies should be restored (And that is a big assumption) You don’t just sell it to them. You make them pay hard. Force some concessions out of them.
    The water shortage is huge problem for Crimea. but a few million in cash is not going to move the needle for Ukraine mauch at all.
    Get prisoners freed. Force Russia to leave the Tarters alone (water start flowing quickly can stop flowing just as fast), Get stolen military equipment back.

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