Russian shell fragments found in Ukrainian Berdyansk boat after ballistics examination

The ballistics examination of one of the Ukrainian ships returned by Russia in November 2019 – the Berdyansk small armoured artillery boat – has been completed.

Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Admiral Ihor Voronchenko said this in a commentary to Radio Liberty, noting that the boat came under fire of Russian military during the capture of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait in 2018.

As the Navy Commander noted, the armour fragments and shell fragments were removed from the Berdyansk, testifying to Russia’s aggressive and illegal actions.

Voronchenko added that “we can repair the other small armoured artillery boat [the Nikopol] and the Yany Kapu tugboat on our own. The ships will be at the shipyard soon.”

As reported, Russia returned Ukrainian ships Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu, captured off the coast of Crimea in 2018, to the port of Ochakiv (Mykolayiv region) on November 20, 2019. A few months before, Russia freed their crew members from captivity. 24 Ukrainian sailors returned home as part of a prisoner swap, not pursuant to the order of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea as this could have happened in accordance with international law.

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