Opposition MPs outraged at Zelensky’s words about USSR causing WWII, Holocaust

08:46, 3 February 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk and Vadym Rabinovych deny that the Soviet Union was involved in the Holocaust.

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statement that the Soviet Union was the one to launch the WWII and the Holocaust is a blasphemy. Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform – For Life party said so.  

“I’m definitely outraged at the fact that this came from a citizen of Ukraine, all the more from the president of Ukraine. Because (…), in my point of view, he has no right to say so, all the more representing the country as a President. Besides, talking about the USSR being behind the Holocaust, on the Day of Memory of Holocaust… it seems blasphemy to me”, the politician said.

“It appears that the warriors of Ukraine’s Insurgent Army liberated Europe, and there were no Soviet troops in it. And then they mention Poland. Are you people out of your mind? Rewriting history and our memory (…) I believe many of you grew up learning that the Soviet army defeated the fascism. And then, they tell me it’s wrong”, Rabinovych said.

Medvedchuk laid flowers to the Memorial of the deceased Soviet warriors during his visit in Berlin. The politician is sure that “talking about peaceful future is important but one cannot forget the heroes of former events”.

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  • “I believe many of you grew up learning that the Soviet army defeated the fascism. And then, they tell me it’s wrong”, Rabinovych said.”
    It’s not about who “defeated” fascism, it is about who started it.
    If there was any doubt these two traitors are Putinoids, it should be gone now.

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    • Those two fucking arseholes forget that Russia actually invented modern fascism in its late 19th century forgery ‘the protocols of the elders of Zion’, which inspired Hitler, who was a socialist. The idea that the world is secretly controlled by Jews who want to destroy Russia is still part of the fabric of Russian society and can be seen in the ‘writings’ of the kremtrolls who infest western media. Russia, was and is a fascist society and rather than showing signs of changing is actually regressing under its fuehrer for life shit weasel putler.

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  • They didn’t do a great job defeating fascism, Muscovy are the biggest fascist state in the world. Perhaps these two traitors can tell the world how Ukraine benefitted from being under the thumb of the genocidal maniac called Stalin, who killed more Soviets than Hitler did?

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