Russian Justice Ministry proposes fines for users who share articles from non-registered media

Russia’s Justice Ministry has published its proposal for a new Codex of Administrative Violations (KoAP). In Russia, the KoAP dictates legal penalties for non-criminal offenses.

The Justice Ministry’s proposal for an updated codex includes a provision penalizing “the preparation or distribution of items produced by an unregistered mass media source” as well as sources whose registration papers fail to include any new information such as a change in ownership.

Should the measure become law, individuals would receive small fines in the low thousands of rubles (up to $50 for public officials), and organizations would be fined up to 30,000 rubles ($470). Any items in violation of the rule would also be confiscated.

The measure is less significant for its fines than for its context as a regulation that extends media restrictions to ordinary individuals. In late 2019, the State Duma passed a law enabling the Russian government to label any social media or Internet user a “foreign agent” if they distribute information and receive funds from abroad. The “foreign agent” designation previously applied only to organizations. 

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  • Articles from, lets, say, Ukraine Today are now banned from now on in The Russia!!!!!!

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  • англійський масон

    Next week, to aid in the transformation of the glorious people’s state of Nova vatnikistan, we will be applying the following regulations.

    All citizens will address one another as ‘Comrade’.

    All Comrade citizens will read Glorious Leaders new Book ‘How to be a good Comrade’ for two hours every day.

    All Comrade citizens will wear regulation Uniform of Army.

    I can see it coming, a more fucked up regime than the Stalin years, more draconian than North Korea under Kim Il Song, more imprisoned and disappearing than Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

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