Patriarch Kirill suggested mentioning God in Constitution of Russian Federation

According to patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church, this initiative is consistent with beliefs of most Russians

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill called for prayer for the mention of God in the Constitution. TASS reports, referring to the chairman of the Synodal department for the relationship of the church with society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate Vladimir Legoyda.

“Let’s pray, work, that God is mentioned in our basic law. If the anthem can contain God’s native land, why this cannot be stated in our Constitution? It’s not yet, but I think by common efforts and by prayers we will help to ensure that such an exalted idea, which is faith in God, which forms morality, both personal and social, and political, so that it is present in our Constitution as well, I think that today we could start a discussion about it, “- quoted l Patriarch Legoyd.

According to the patriarch, who is cited by the chairman of the Synodal Department, this will correspond to the convictions of most Russians. “Most Russian citizens believe in God. I’m not talking only about the Orthodox – I’m also talking about Muslims and many, many others,” he quotes the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

As we reported, Pope Francis I wished Ukraine God’s help in achieving peace in Donbas in his Christmas message “Urbi et Orbi” (“to the city and to the world”)

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  1. “If the anthem can contain God’s native land, why this cannot be stated in our Constitution? ”

    I’m sure we can help the KGB mafia man with a few suggestions. “why in God’s name did I build this shithole?”

  2. ‘Kirill’ is a rolex-wearing tobacco mafia crony of putler who owns a luxury villa in Switzerland who orders his ‘priests’ to bless weapons on their way to murder Ukrainians. Total filth who is about as Godly as isis.

  3. Why not put your real God in the Constitution: aka Putler, who decides every day, who must be killed, or poisioned, arrested or tortured!!

  4. Adding God into a constitution for a Godless mafia land is morally perverted. In other words, typical Kirill.

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