Zelenskyy’s Visit To United States To Meet With Trump Possible After Significant Progress In Trade And Economic Relations – Secretary Of State Pompeo

The Ukrainian and American sides believe that the official visit of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the United States should take place after significant progress achieved in negotiations on strengthening of trade and economic relations in order to be substantive.

This was reported by Zelenskyy and the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a joint briefing in Kyiv, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Am I interested in an official visit to the White House in Washington? Honestly, I believe that this is right for both countries, for relations between our countries, and very right for the status of Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said.

At the same time, he emphasized that, receiving a lot of invitations, he always wonders what the corresponding visit can bring in practical terms.

According to him, this issue is also key for a possible visit to the United States.

“What will we do there? What can we coordinate there? What can we bring for our country? What will we talk about so that every word is not just a word of a political traveler, as it has been for many years in our country and happens in other countries. If we we can agree on something, which is beneficial for both countries, if we have an important subject of discussion, which we can agree and sign, then I’m ready to go tomorrow,” he said.

Pompeo also noted that the visit should take place after significant progress in economic relations between the countries.

“There were no conditions for President Zelenskyy to come to Washington. We just need to find the time and opportunity to meet. We want to make sure that this happens at a time when significant progress will be shown between our countries. Our countries have a lot of work, and our teams are discussing all these opportunities. We see economic opportunities for American enterprises. And we always welcome President Zelenskyy in Washington, and we are confident that such a meeting will take place,” he said.

At the same time, Pompeo expressed confidence that Zelenskyy’s visit to the United States to meet with Trump will take place.

“I am sure that appropriate meetings will be scheduled at the highest level in due time. We need to talk less and concentrate more on what we are doing so that there is a result for the American and Ukrainian peoples,” he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy expects to strengthen investment and trade cooperation with the United States in 2020.

According to him, Ukraine is interested in strengthening the development of the railway industry, so the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ukrzaliznytsia joint-stock company are negotiating the purchase of locomotives of American manufacture.

Also, Ukraine expects the participation of American companies in competitions for the development of sections of the Black Sea shelf.

Besides, Zelenskyy expects the United States to abolish trade duties on steel imports in the amount of 25% for Ukraine.

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    • This is an important time for Ukraine to take advantage of Moskali sanctions by moving in and cutting off previous trade with the USA. This will also foster real protection for economic reasons besides political reasons already established.

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