Pompeo: Ultimately, Russia and Ukraine should resolve conflict themselves

“This is just the issue that all of Europe and the whole world must participate in order to resolve it. But in the end, Russia and Ukraine must solve it themselves,” said US Secretary of State

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his visit to Belarus announced the US’s readiness to help find a solution to the conflict in Ukraine. But according to him, Ukraine and the Russian Federation themselves must ultimately come to an agreement. It is reported by Belta.

“This is just the issue that all of Europe and the whole world must participate in order to resolve it. But in the end, Russia and Ukraine must solve it themselves. Everything that we can do in the United States, we will do,” said Pompeo.

Earlier Mike Pompeo said that the State Department is working on preparing a new meeting between US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Pompeo announced this in an interview with the journalist ABC, which was published by the press service of the State Department.

“We work on many things with them (the Ukrainian leadership – ed.). When the time comes – they are both busy people – we will find a suitable opportunity for him (Zelensky – ed.) And the president (Trump – ed.) To meet. Do you remember that they met in New York in January or, sorry, in September. I’m sure they will meet again somewhere,” – Pompeo stated.

The Secretary of State does not exclude that Trump and Zelensky can once again meet both in Washington, and in Kyiv, or in any other place.

According to Pompeo, the leaders of the two countries are directing the development of Ukraine in the right direction. In particular, the United States helped Ukraine with weapons. Moreover, Washington helped Ukraine determine which judicial system it needed.

“Country (Ukraine – ed.) Is located right on the border between Russia and Europe. It is very important that we get it right and help Ukrainians get what they want,” – Pompeo stated.

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  1. “This is just the issue that all of Europe and the whole world must participate in order to resolve it. But in the end, Russia and Ukraine must solve it themselves. Everything that we can do in the United States, we will do,” said Pompeo.

    Come on Pompeo, you know this is BS. The only way this will be resolved is by enormous pressure on Muscovy.

    • The best analogy I can think of is an adult neighbor goes across the street to another neighbor and shoots a young boy in the face. Then the police say, ultimately this is an issue for the two neighbors to work out.
      Both Obama and Trump have said the era of larger neighbors taking territory from the smaller neighbors is over. I expect BS from Obama since he was an ass-kissing rookie that couldn’t run a lemonade stand, but Trump should know better. I don’t doubt Pompeo’s sentiments are very similar to Trump’s. Very disappointing. How was an army of 6,000 going to work things out with an army of 1.5 million? Do rape victims work things out with the monsters that assaulted them? Is NATO ok with 21st century fascists changing borders in Europe? Is NATO waiting for the US to finally have a US president that has the balls to stand up to little Putler? What happened to Cameron? Almost 6 years on and not a peep. Too late now. But of course we RAN to help Kuwait when it was invaded. Oh wait, Kuwait has oil………….

      • Agreed.
        Re Cameron, he has been remarkably consistent on the putinazis but was ignored from day 1. When putler’s scum army invaded Georgia and sacked the city of Gori, the British PM was a dithering socialist imbecile: Gordon Brown, who said and did fuck all. Cammers immediately flew to Tbilisi to express solidarity in the certain expectation of global condemnation and swingeing sanctions. Instead there was nothing and he was alone. At the time he said:
        “If European countries come together and send out a tough message then I think it will be listened to. We should be sending out a very clear message of support to Georgia at this time.”
        But they didn’t, instead they sent the putlerite cunt Sarkozy to appease his little friend. Which was of course the green light for his next invasion.
        Next he said :
        “They cannot behave in a way that they invade a neighbouring country – completely against international law … and get away with it. The lesson we have to learn is that if we are weak in our response they will continue with their aggression.”
        And he was proved to be right. He was again the first European politician to condemn the invasion this time of Ukraine and the first to send help in the form of cash, medical supplies, non-lethal equipment and military support. Hundreds of British officers and trainers were sent there and remain there now.
        But Obama was even more intransigent than Bush and refused to send lethal aid. Britain always follows America’s lead in these circumstances unfortunately. Obviously the EU then as now was crawling with putinoid scum, so nothing came from them.
        If a US President comes along who a) demands swingeing sanctions and b) sends a military task force to Ukraine, Britain will follow suit. Personally I think we should move all the British troops from enemy country Germany and station them permanently in Ukraine and Georgia. We have two new aircraft carriers: I would put one permanently in the Black Sea and disregard the hopeless existing agreements.

    • Trump’s followers on Twitter are such a joke. They all seem to be complete asslickerz.

      ‘We love you’. ‘Best president’. ‘Thank you for saving America’ etc. the rest is rabid opponents.

      Never read ONE comment like ‘You are an ok leader, but that Ukraine thing was a fuck up. You can do better than that.’ or something like that.

      Trump, his team and followers look like Trump is licking Putin’s ass, his team is licking Trump’s ass, and his followers are licking the asses of Putin, Trump and his team.

      Reminds me of a cartoon from Yugoslavia back in the 90s, mocking the nationalist presidents and their followers…

      • Never in history have the supporters of a US president found common ground with the the supporters of a vicious dictator. This is entirely due to Trumpkov’s justification of the invasion of Crimea during an infamous interview that took place in the middle of his election campaign. From that point on, the entire ‘alt-right’, ie putinoid scum, latched onto him. Now even Fox is alt-right: its star presenter; Tucker Carlson, declared his support for Russia in its struggle with Ukraine. Unbelievable but true.

        • I remember it well. Very famous statement. “Crimea is Russian because they speak Russian there.”

          • And here is the spew that came out in July 2016:

            ‘ABC host George Stephanopoulos corrected Donald Trump after the Republican presidential nominee claimed that Russia was “not going to go into Ukraine.”
            In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that aired Sunday, Trump asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not going to invade Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels — and some Russian special forces — have been operating for several years despite Putin’s reluctance to acknowledge any role. 

            He’s not going into Ukraine, just so you understand. He’s not going to go to Ukraine,” Trump said.
            “Well, he’s already there, isn’t he?” Stephanopoulos replied.
            Trump responded by simultaneously criticizing the US’s decision not to intervene to stop the annexation of Crimea, a former Ukrainian territory seized by Russia in 2014, and noting that many citizens of Crimea were allegedly supportive of Russia’s decision to invade.
            “Well, he’s there in a certain way, but I’m not there. You have Obama there,” Trump said. “And frankly that part of the world is mess, under Obama. With all the strength that you’re talking about, and with all the power of NATO, and all of this, in the mean time, [Putin] takes Crimea.”
            He added: “You know the people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were, and you have to look at that also.”
            What an arsehole!

            • This is a tweet from a critical Cruz supporter (like myself):

              So We The People can’t:

              – Investigate him
              – Subpoena him
              – Indict him
              – Debate him
              – Primary him
              – Question him
              – Challenge him
              – Audit him
              – Defy him
              – Critizie him
              – Expose him
              – Ridicule him
              – Punish him
              – Remove him

              What we got here folks is a dictator.

        • Yes. What we gonna do? Even Cruz became one of Trump’s bed rugs now. The Dems have even worse candidates though. Difficult.

  2. Mafia land will not relent without painful consequences and these consequences can be assured only by the United States since other nations are Ruskie anus dwellers.
    Ultimately, we need a president who is not one of them.

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