England celebrate Brexit


Britain regains independence from the German Empire (EU).


  1. Yes, finally!
    It’s wonderfull to see this huge backlash for the EU, however, I for myself am an idiot with serious mental problems. Some of my comments are proof of that. 😀

    • Rubbish. We buy far more off them than they buy from us and furthermore, as a successful country we pay for that ‘privilege’. It is their problem not ours. Unlike you, I don’t want to be ruled by putinoid scum like Merkel/Macron.

  2. Congratulations, Britain, for your new independence! I am glad that the UK is free from this horrid bureaucratic, semi-dictatorial monster and especially from the fat muslim Merkel and her dwarf side-kick, Macron.

  3. Congratulations to our British friends from your American cousens.
    Hopefully this will bring the US and Britain even closer economically with a trade agreement.

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